1 Advanced Blogging Tip for Increasing Blog Post Frequency

Set a timer.

Set a blog post goal.

But put yourself under the gun. Edge outside of your comfort zone a bit at a time. But do make sure to edge into uncomfortable emotions. Or following this blogging tip will not work. Simply setting a goal to publish a specific number of guest posts and blog posts within 1 day time frame – and within a specific hourly time frame – increases your blog post frequency by influencing you through a basic principle.

Work usually expands to fill the time space devoted to the work. Bloggers with 10 hours to write and publish a blog post usually devote all 10 hours to writing and publishing a blog post. Bloggers with 30 minutes to write and publish a blog post devote 30 minutes to writing and publishing a blog post, most of the time. Point blank, if you give yourself a set period of time to get work done you hit the bulls-eye more often than not. Hitting the bullseye increases your blog post frequency as you slowly but steadily ramp up your blog post goals while gradually lessening time frames.

Note; doing these things feels uncomfortable. Hence, me sharing how this strategy seems for advanced bloggers. Or, this strategy is for beginner to intermediate bloggers who understand how being uncomfortable and blogging from uncomfortable energies is the direct way to position yourself to become a professional blogger. Most bloggers shrink at the idea of blogging from uncomfortable energies. Wise, intelligent bloggers new to the game or in the game for a bit know all growth occurs outside of your blogging comfort zone.

For example, I have about 22 minutes to write and publish this 600 word blog post. My past 6 days have been highly chaotic. 6 days ago I wrapped up my 2 month house sit in Connecticut, USA. I proceeded to fly to North Carolina with my wife to visit her family, then we flew back to New Jersey on Friday to visit with our friends. Last evening, we drove to a remote section of NJ for a house sit but it did not work out. We cancelled only 12 hours in. After scrambling for a hotel room and staying at another friend’s house for a few hours, we settled in to the hotel a few hours ago. Hectic times!

I continued to blog each day of course but blogging often took a backseat to other activities, including flying, driving and trying to find lodging after we left the sit early this morning. I tightened up my blogging and guest posting schedule tonight to ensure I get the job done. Me and my wife intend to wake up early again tomorrow to run a few errands. Giving myself a little less time to publish more content influences me to get the blogging job done, even if I feel a bit uncomfortable getting a bunch done in a little time.

Be all about edging outside of your comfort zone but never force things or blog too quickly because force negates. Forcing things by trying to blog too quickly and prolifically only leads to frustration, failure and quitting on this proven strategy. Slow and steady wins the blogging race. Never be too ambitious in setting goals but nudge outside of your comfort zone to get the job done and to become a more prolific blogger.


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  1. Chris Desatoff says:

    Oh no! Sorry your house sit went downhill fast. Hope the puggies are okay.
    I’ve only done housesitting/petsitting a handful of times for family/friends here in Vegas. They have pugs, so I was instantly ready for your upcoming videos and pug adventures lol.
    Oh well. Happens.
    Great blogging tip. It always helps to have that fire lit under yer butt to get the work done. I’ve used a timer to good effect in the past.
    Usually I just need it to get past the sticking point and get the words flowing. Once I get started writing, things move along pretty well from there. But getting started is often the hard part.

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:

      You’re doing awesome Chris. As for the pugs, we even began to connect with them a few hours in. Sleeping on us, licking-kisses, all that good stuff. Alas, we had to release the cuties. Perhaps we will be pug-Christened on a future sit 🙂