1 Blogging Size Does Not Fit All

We all blog differently. Although most follow a simple strategy of creating and connecting, all bloggers vibe with different approaches to creating and connecting. Some have fun optimizing blog posts for Google. Others have fun writing shorter, more concise blog posts. Some bloggers go gaga over video marketing. Others enjoy podcasting. Connecting proves to be a different experience too, because some bloggers enjoy socializing on Twitter, others, Facebook and some enjoy genuine blog commenting.

One blogging size does not fit all. Never box yourself in with specific tactics feeling not too fun to work, for you. For example, I do not have fun building my list because my energy feels best spent doing other stuff. The moment I stopped building my list I did other stuff and experienced a surge in blogging growth. One blogging size does not fit all. Some enjoy list building. I wish them the best with list building. Plus their enjoyment ensures success with the venture. But some avid, fun-loving list building bloggers hate guest posting. Those bloggers need to avoid guest posting because if you do what you hate blogging-wise, just go get a freaking job. No sense blogging because success flows to bloggers who love the journey. Failure flows to bloggers who force themselves to do specific things, just because a pro says they need to do specific things. Bad idea.

If you do not vibe with my specific blogging advice, do not follow the advice. Take what feels fun and freeing. Leave what you do not vibe with. Be careful; some fun, freeing blogging tasks feels downright scary to your ego, but you need move in fun, freeing but scary directions sometimes. Writing and self-publishing eBooks was one such direction for me. I did not hate writing eBooks but feared the idea of writing eBooks; two energies vibing from fear, but 180 degrees apart on the energetic spectrum. Discern between what you fear doing (but what frees you) and what you despise doing (what does not vibe with you) to move forward quickly.

Some bloggers fear networking but tell themselves they hate networking. Big difference. Fearing rejection, criticism and sharing the spotlight is completely different from not vibing with the idea of genuine blog commenting. Plus; good luck with not networking and going pro, one day. Even Google forces you to network. Lone wolves no longer survive in the blogging niche. Anyway, virtually every human being enjoys befriending human beings generously, the essence of networking. Your alleged hate and non-resonance is just fear of criticism and failure, so, begin networking, to proceed and to experience greater blogging success.

Seriously though, guys; one size does not fit all. Figure out what blogging size you wear by feeling out specific strategies. Driving Google traffic ain’t for me because after attempting regular SEO-optimizing, for a trial period, I genuinely do not like the process. Nor does it make sense to spend so much time and energy on ONE post when I have 126 eBooks to promote. One blogging size does not fit all!

Keep this idea in mind if you try to force a square peg into a round hole. Just because a hyper successful blogger suggests doing something does not mean you need to do that thing. Find your style. Find the strategy that feels most fun to you.


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