Some bloggers believe you get good engagement only AFTER you gain a big follower count.

Not true.

The only way to get people to engage you on social media is to be social with other human beings. That’s it. Speak up. Listen. Listen. Speak up. But bloggers falsely believe the only way to get people to talk to you, to retweet your tweets, to Like your Facebook updates and to click your blog links on social media is to FIRST have a huge following. Not true. Totally not true. I know. I experienced this first hand.

Even though I boast a big following on Twitter, engagement rates jumped for me only after I became social with tweeters.

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People who I spoke to engaged me on the platform not because I had 47,000 followers, but because I spoke to human beings via the @reply button. Guess what? I could have 10 followers on Twitter but if those 10 people @replied me daily – because I @replied them 1, 2 or 10 times daily – then those 10 followers would be highly targeted, engaged followers who buy my eBooks, hire me, endorse me and promote my tweets to their followings.

Do you see why most bloggers cling to a crutch for engagement? Most bloggers hold on to the limiting belief that you only get any type of engagement IF you boast a decent-sized following. Nope. Not true. I can prove why it’s not true. Imagine if you have 0 followers today on Twitter.

So you follow a #blogging hashtag and engage aka @reply 50 people today who tweet #blogging tweets. Guess what happens? 2, 5 or 20 of those people @reply aka engage you in return. They dig ya style! They are interested in blogging tips, or, the #blogging tag.

So naturally, at the day’s end, 0 followers becomes 10 followers. Did you need a huge following to get 10 highly targeted, engaged followers, highly interested in blogging tips? Absolutely not. All you need to do was follow the #blogging tag and open your pie hole for an hour or two, @replying people, chatting naturally, sharing your thoughts, asking questions, answering questions, and being natural.

Do you see why you can boost your engagement rates quickly with 0 followers? Opening your mouth is the only requirement to boost engagement rates, so follower count has nothing to do with engagement rates, since you can start at zero, then get 10 highly engaged, targeted followers, on day 1. Does this strategy require oodles of work? Oh heck yeah, it does. Welcome to being a professional blogger. Welcome to blogging the right way.

Welcome to creating and connecting. Blogging is creating and connecting generously for thousands of hours. Blogging is sharing your wisdom via text-only tweets for a sustained period of time. Blogging is engaging people when you have 0 followers to make friends, to gain 2 followers, then 10, then 35 followers, over the next week.

Follow Lisa Sicard and pay close attention to how she tweets to see one of the top Twitter pros on earth in action. She is among the best in the business.

Unfortunately, so many bloggers vibe from energies of fear-scarcity, that they grasp for the untrue, imagined, totally inaccurate, limiting belief of: “I need a big following to get any type of engagement.”

As I prove with all fears, this fear or limiting belief is an illusion, totally not real, totally untrue. Fear is not real. Only love is real. Abundance, generosity, harmony and one-ness are real. Everything else is not real…..even if most humans tend to buy into the fear-illusion. Don’t worry; we’ll set ’em straight 🙂

All you need to do to get engagement rates popping is to open your mouth. A lot. Do that, fellow social tweeters interested in your work will follow you, keep engaging your Twitter buddies, and traffic plus profits will grow over time. But only because you opened up your mouth. Not because a big number followed you.


If this engagement-follower fear topic vibes with you guys, you may like my eBook for conquering fear.


  1. James Pierce says:

    I absolutely agree on this with you, Ryan. You don’t need any followers at all to engage with other accounts. As a matter of fact, the only time your follower number matters is when it serves as social proof.

    But if people only look at your follower count to determine your credibility… then they are still in the early stages of getting to know you. You haven’t reached any level of trust, yet.

    There are people with very small accounts but they take good care of their small, highly engaged tribe. As a consequence, selling comes easy to them.

    What I always say: Imagine a room with 100 people. And you speak to these 100 people. That’s A LOT of people listening to you! That’s how it is when you have 100 followers paying attention to you.

    By the way, I like your idea of looking for hashtags and replying to people posting under these hashtags. I need to do this more often!


    1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

      James that analogy is spot on budfy.

      1. James Pierce says:

        Thanks Ryan! Always happy to hear when I can provide a useful perspective 🤓

  2. Lisa Sicard says:

    Hi Ryan, Thank you for the mention. You make an excellent point here, it’s about talking with others and that means listening first. If you listen, you know what to ask and respond if you can help answer a question. Those are the best ways to engage with others on social media and on their blogs.
    Big numbers that come from dollars don’t work the same. The followers may begin to unfollow and move on. 🙂
    Have a great rest of the day Ryan!

    1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

      Lisa it is always my pleasure.

  3. Rijhu Sinha says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Truly awesome. Thanks Ryan for sharing your valuable words.

    Yes you have explained it very nicely ” the only way to get people to engage with you is to be social and to interact with other human beings. Speak up. Listen. Listen. Speak up.”

    Blogging is creating and connecting, sharing your thoughts and be real. Interact with others.

    To be very honest you and Lisa are the best example for me and I always feel good and motivated after seeing your reply back. Keep writing more similar and inspirational posts.

    Thanks & Regards,

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