1 Fundamental Of Appearing to Be Everywhere Online

As I promote my eBook:

7 Tips to Be All Over the Place Online

I want to stress how being all over mainly means you help many people in many spots with free, valuable content. Logically, that is it. We all get it. But emotionally, this process seems hard to understand, to embrace and to embody because you need to face, feel and release your fears in order to be generous for a long time. Most seem conditioned to think, feel and act like employees; help people only if someone gives you money for the help, quickly. Hence the weekly or bi-weekly payment model. Help people. Get a check this Thursday or next Thursday.

Becoming a professional blogger with massive exposure – to where you appear to be everywhere online – involves a completely different approach. Gaining massive exposure involves helping a high number of people in many spots but for a long, long time, through your free content. Being this type of generous blogger triggers deep fears involving the fear of running out of money, the fear of wasting your time, the fear of failing and the fear of not receiving money for the generous service you rendered.

Usually, bloggers succumb to each fear 6-12 months into their blogging careers, panic setting in. Observe your blogging niche. Notice how many bloggers fail, panic and quit months or a few years into their blogging career. This seems to be the norm. But each quitter simply refused to face, feel and release their fears, in order to become generous, patient and persistent. Logically, blogging is easy to understand. Logically, blogging is a simple process. Emotionally, blogging is a highly uncomfortable journey at times because feeling fears sapping your generosity feels unpleasant. Either feel the fears to be generous, to gain exposure and to succeed. Or resist the fears, be stingy and fail.

Be generous to be seen in many spots. I write and publish 3-4 or more guest posts most days. I also write and publish 1 blog post – article style – to Blogging From Paradise daily, in addition to publishing 1 video daily to my blog. I also promote fellow bloggers, comment genuinely on blogs and do my best to allow generosity to bleed through my blogging campaign. I appear to have substantial exposure but employed no magic, smoke or mirrors in doing so. I just helped a lotta folks with my free, beneficial content in many spots.

Helping folks in this fashion feels uncomfortable sometimes. I traveled a bit today to change locations. I love my new apartment but also find myself working late tonight, feeling tired, blogging totally outside of my comfort zone. Either I write and publish this post to increase my exposure or I cower to my fears, resist feeling uncomfortable and keep my exposure where it is, without gaining any more visibility, by going to bed after watching some streaming video.

Everything depends on your willingness to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Being generous is often a learned habit. Most humans seem to be taught to think mainly about themselves and their needs, or to think mainly about their family’s needs. But virtually all of your blogging success flows THROUGH human beings outside of your family. Be generous with these people. Gain exposure. Increase your visibility.

Be everywhere by publishing free, valued content in many spots for a long time.

Be generous to achieve this end.

Give freely, receive easily.

Allow this idea to embed itself upon your mind.

Position yourself to gain massive exposure with your blogging campaign.

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