1 Key Professional Distinction for Freelancing Bloggers

Every high-level professional freelancer I know runs their business through their own wordpress.org blog.

 Every low-level freelancer  I know builds most if not all of their business through other platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. I have no problem with those platforms per se but understand this professional distinction to make more money online and to live your dreams through your freelance and blogging career. Prospering pros build their business through their own real estate.

Everybody else tries to build their business through someone else’s real estate. Who makes more money in the long run? Virtually 100% of the time, the freelancing bloggers who build a powerful, influential brand  through their blog establishes themselves as a complete pro in their niche. Complete pros gain massive exposure and rock solid credibility along with serious authority. These folks get paid. Big time. These folks also live their dreams through their blog and freelancing business.

 Most freelancers try to get rich quickly or to make a few bucks quickly on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. The few bucks you make now hurt you over the long run because you quickly hit an income ceiling. Nobody makes serious coin over the long Haul through freelancing sites because of core branding issues. Nobody will pay you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars for a job or for a series of jobs through a community site because you don’t own the brand and you don’t instill that level of expertise, authority and trust. Why? You don’t own the site. You don’t own the brand. You don’t set the rules. You can’t monetize the site effortlessly. You can’t customize the site at all. You are the site product. Every user on a freelancing website is the product. Why? You don’t own anything so you are owned.

 On the flip side, serious professional Freelancers blog to show off their skills. Serious freelancers network with other freelancers in their niche through their blogs. Content published and connections built expand your reach far and wide, increase your skill set and solidify your granite-like credibility. Slowly but steadily, blogging and freelancing profits increase. Overnight success is impossible but over time, you will build a thriving business through your blog. 

You run the show. You set the rules. You also brand yourself, your blog and your freelancing business however you want to brand it. You publish the content. You monetize the blog however you want to monetize it. Everything is up to you. Building a one-of-a-kind blog helps you establish a one-of-a-kind freelancing career through the blog. No limits exist. That’s the beauty of publishing content through your self hosted wordpress.org blog.

Revisit Your Vision

 I find myself reminding you to revisit your vision regularly. Dream your life. How does it look? Add many details to your mental picture to make it come alive. The more real it feels the more good you feel. A sense of knowing and peace overtakes your being. Now you know your dreams will come true through your blog and freelancing business. Now is the time to build up your self-hosted blog. This is the starting point to becoming a real professional freelancer. 

Visualize your dreams. Own your blog. Get busy generously helping people through your blog content. Befriend bloggers in your freelance niche by commenting on their blogs, by promoting them on your blog and by promoting them through social media. Creating and connecting helps you build the skills and exposure to grow your freelance business to the full-time level.

 Observe the simplicity of this process. Nobody needs to be a genius to buy their domain and hosting. Nobody needs to be brilliant to own their blogs. Publishing content is quite simple. Making friends by helping fellow bloggers and asking for nothing in return is actually super easy. Following each step for a long time tests your fears. Sometimes, expect to be a bit uncomfortable. Feel the fears and release the fears. Proceed to be generous, patient, abundant feeling and trusting in the business building process. Clients will find you. Guaranteed. But expect to work for free for at least for a bit in order to build your credibility and exposure. Perhaps you do not make quick money like you do on Fiverr but your income grows and becomes lasting, so you can build a thriving long-term business for years or even decades if you so choose. 

Building a thriving, ever-expanding, serious freelancing business through sites like Fiverr is almost impossible because of a salary limit. Building a thriving long-term freelance business on any site that’s not your own blog is highly difficult because of all the limits on your branding, monetizing and networking potential.

 Let’s go attachments to freelance sites. Feel free to make some spare change from these platforms but blog on your own wordpress.org blog to build up a brand second to none. From there, profiting gets easier and easier if you put in the time and generously help people for a while. Think long-term. Create a vision for your life. Stop looking to get rich quick. Stop looking for a quick but small payoff. Build something special. Build something meaningful. The return on your investment will be immensely over the long haul. Expect to live a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment through your freelancing business if you build it through your own wordpress.org blog.


Hey;  freelancing through sites like Fiverr and Upwork is A-OK. I never want to down a particular site. But you need to know that bigger blogging money, greater freedom and more fulfillment unfolds for you by building your own online real estate up to something remarkable. 

Everything online is about ownership. People who live their dreams through blogging – whether they’re freelancers, self-published authors or coaches – own their blogs and build these precious pieces of online real estate over many years and thousands of hours. This is the secret to building a lasting online business through freelancing and your blog.


Owning your blog to build your freelance business through the platform is one way to save time online. Do you want more tips to not waste time online? Buy my eBook:

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    I always struggling on Fiverr for the freedom and work I want but didn’t get it , and at the end I started my own blog thanks to NettyFeed and In this article It convey all the struggles of freelance blogger who are struggling to find their freedom . This article really helps newbie bloggers and freelancer. I will share this post to my all friend. It will really help my friends.