1 Way to Grab the Attention of a Pro Blogger

Help pro bloggers for a long time.

Ask for nothing in return.

This is one simple way to grab the attention of a pro blogger.

I discuss here:

How to Grab Attention Spans

How it works: helping pro bloggers for free for a long time earns their attention span by earning their trust. This is not always easy because many people vie for the attention span of a pro blogger. But if you see the journey through you begin to realize that most folks quit at the drop of a hat when it comes to networking.

Being generous, patient and persistent allows you to outlast most other bloggers who desperately chase, badger and bother pro bloggers. Why? Most greedily want something from pro bloggers and move in different directions when pros do not give them attention. However, generous, genuine bloggers usually snag resonant pro’s attention spans since most bloggers deeply appreciate a free giver.

Imagine commenting genuinely on a respect blog once-twice weekly over 3 months. Share each post on Facebook. Retweet each post on Twitter. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Something cool happens as you detach from any outcomes regarding your generous service and the pro blogger; more pros whom you help gravitate toward you. Pros see you mainly want to befriend pros, and do NOT want to squeeze anything out of pros, unlike most bloggers out there.

Do you know how attractive you appear to be to pros who deal with folks trying to squeeze stuff out of them every day? Grab the attention of a pro not be engaging in self-service but by engaging in generous service. Pros admire generous bloggers because pros had to be generous to become professional bloggers themselves.

Imagine being a professional blogger who gets email-pitched opportunities for adding links to pitching blogger’s blogs. Some stranger blogger emails you out of the blue. After an insincere lead in, the blogger mentions how you have a dead link on some old post. The blogger then mentions some valuable post of theirs and notes adding their valuable link to the blog would help add value to your post; some have the clarity to note how the link add helps them too. 🙂

99.99% of the time, pros see through this strategy because it is an ineffective way to build a bond with a pro blogger. 99.99% of the time, you will not gain the attention of any pro because you seek to help yourself – using a pro blogger for a high DA link on a high traffic, respected, targeted blog, when all you did was send an email and write a single post – versus helping a pro, asking for nothing and earning their trust.

Think of the above backlink blind pitch; why in a million years would you expect a pro blogger who built their good name and positive rep over years – by being generous, patient and persistent – to trust a blogging stranger who reached out via a blind, cold pitch, proving the individual has no friend network, no clout and no credibility, on the level of a pro, at least?

The moment someone pitches me a link to replace one dead link on my blog, I instantly know the dead link yields more or similar value than their active link. Why? If the blogger and their link commanded respect, oozed trust and bled credibility, bloggers would be linking to that backlink organically like mad and the blogger would spend zero time pitching anybody for links to the post.

Do yourself a favor. Be generous, patient and persistent with pros. Eventually, you will slowly but surely grab more pro blogger attention spans.


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