1 Way to Maximize Your Blogging Profits


Help people for free.

Increase your skills.

Increase your exposure.

The simplest way to maximize your blogging profits is to help more people for free daily through your blog. Add in guest posting, podcasting, and video marketing to enhance your profits even more. But minimum, help people for free through your blog to make the most amount of money.

In my blogging profits eBook I teach you how to build a full-time income through blogging. One way to build said full-time income is to never, ever, EVER turn down an empty microphone on your beginner blogger journey. Even as you gain experience and clout, you better be more generous with each passing day to keep success momentum flowing. Of course, you need to monetize your blog but income streams are receiving channels. The giving portion of blogging – helping people for free – is where fortunes are made.

Successful bloggers are generous bloggers. I began guest posting in earnest after having lunch with internet legend Zac Johnson. He noted how he was guest posting 14 times weekly during those days to help people and to build a business. Be generous. Observe how people generously prosper you.

Gary Vee and 2000 Interviews

Gary Vaynerchuk is an icon now. He is famous around the world as a marketing superstar. Gary Vee got asked how he landed features on famous TV shows. He deadpanned how he did 2,000 video interviews on YouTube. Imagine that? 2,000 interviews? He noted some interviews got zero views. Imagine doing 2,000 interviews even if a fair number received zero views? Can you see why the man is worth $160 million? He helped so many people for free that his exposure and skills reached a millionaire tipping point. He did not make a ton of money for a while but now, after being incredibly generous, he can name his price.

Again and again, the richest, happiest people on earth spend significant periods of time helping people generously with no expectations. This is how to maximize your blogging profits. I have heard of multi-millionaire bloggers who receive 1000 emails daily and only respond to one line emails for time purposes, who published 2-3 helpful posts daily for over a year before they made hundreds of dollars. Again, this is how to maximize your profits. Help people generously. Do not panic if you make no money or only a few hundred bucks. See the journey through. Start a blog, Trust yourself. Profits are on the way.

Think of how many bloggers give generously of time and talent for about 2 hours per week. Why do these bloggers expect to make millions when they are stingy and hold back? Of course, they shouldn’t earn a penny; they did not put in the work by helping people generously, so they have zero exposure and no real blogging skills. Meanwhile, Gary Vee has a net worth approaching $200 million soon because he generously helped people for 12 to 18 hours daily, 7 days a week.

I am writing this post at 11:02 PM. After 4 posts on Blogging From Paradise and 4 guest posts – including this post – I will call it a day. Toss in a handful of videos created, social media networking, blog commenting and promoting other bloggers and you have a day spent helping people. All of the exposure I get and the skills I develop by helping people all day positions me to gain exposure and to profit through my blog.

I maximize my profits by maximizing how much generous service I render daily. Can it get any easier? Give freely, be persistent, trust in the process and you will have no issues receiving money and traffic.

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