2 Startling Analogies for Free Link Seekers

Bloggers regularly ask me for free links on Blogging From Paradise. Folks email me valuable posts, point out one of my posts, and suggest adding the resource – for free of charge – to the post gives the post more value and helps my readers more.

Hmmm….I already have 3000 valuable posts that help my readers more. Plus, thousands of bloggers offered me valuable posts over the years, looking for free links. Sounds like my DA plus 40, high traffic, 50,000 backlink rich, authority blog appearing on world famous sites, does not need your free link at all. I do offer advertising services for bloggers requesting links, guest posts and sponsored posts. I am an entrepreneur. I accept money for service rendered. But if you tell me that “you have no money” or “you have no budget” to access the high traffic, high DA, authority blog that is my site….allow these 2 startling analogies to seep into your mind…..

Imagine rent-time at your apartment. Your landlord demands rent for living in the apartment on the 1st of every month. One month, you walk up to their door and say, 

“I have no money. I have no budget for rent.” 

How does the landlord respond? Either you get a warning and a few days notice, or if he-she does not play around, you get evicted immediately. Businesses work this way: pay money for product or services rendered. No money means no products or no services rendered. People who do not pay rent get evicted or simply pay rent after the eviction warning. Landlords do not care about your money or budget problems. Pay rent. Or vacate the premises. Do you see how idiotic it is to use money/budget excuses with pro bloggers who charge advertising fees for placement on their high traffic, respected, high DA blogs? Either pay the freaking rent or get out of the inbox.

Now…..imagine next month, when you owe the bank your mortgage payment, you call the bank and say:

“I have no money. I have no budget for the mortgage payment.”

Soon enough, the bank kicks you out on your butt and the home goes into foreclosure. Think about it; banks allow you to take out big loans to make big purchases, like, buying a home. Either you pay back the loan and stay in the home or do not pay back the loan and get evicted. Banks do not care about your money/budget problems. Pro bloggers do not care about your money-budget problems. Even though I have compassion for struggling bloggers, I run a business. I care about you but not about your complaints. Do you see the difference? We are adults here. Either invest money in advertising on a pro blog or do not invest money and do not advertise. Your choice. But using the money excuse makes you look a bit foolish in the eyes of most pro bloggers. I chuckle a bit; I envision someone telling the cash register at the corner store how they have no money, no budget, but can Tweet the store name to their following of 500, as a means of payment. Does this sound insane for a grocery purchase? Well, it sounds just as insane for a link exchange or work exchange idea, blogging-wise.

Human beings used something called money as a means of exchange. Pay it to gain the sweet traffic, DA and link juice of a well read blog. Or vacate the premises immediately.


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