3 Ways to Promote Your Blogging Products Via Video

I am always gabbing. I always seem to be writing or talking. Blog posts, guest posts, live videos, podcasts. You cannot shut me up. For good reason; I love helping people and prospering. Please check the latter word. Prospering. I live a worldly life involving a means of exchange called money. I receive money for blogging service rendered and save it, invest it and keep money circulating. But to make money, promoting your blogging products is a must. How else would folks know what you offer and how to buy it?

I will layout 3 simple strategies for promoting your blogging products via video.

1: Speak It into Promotion

I speak/promote my blogging products freely through virtually every single video I create. This involves speaking about my product or products, alerting viewers to how the product helps them, and, where said viewer can buy my product or products. Get comfortable speaking about your products on the video to face and feel any residual shame, embarrassment or blanket fear you have to surround your products. Promote via the spoken word. You deserve to help people. You deserve to make money.

2: Use Props

Click the link to watch this video:

Stop Blocking Money Address this Mistake

Shy, retiring me has created yet another blogging video. But look over my shoulder. What do you see? Props. Or, hardcover aka paperbacks of a few eBooks o’ mine. I took the opportunity to promote my eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks via the props seated over my shoulder because viewers see the paperbacks and ideas form in mind. Folks realize they can buy a paperback and place it on their shelves. Other people buy my eBooks or audiobooks. Observe all the promoting a simple prop, like a paperback, can do for you? Or you can record a video via phone and screen share a page pointing to your eBook or course. Whatever floats your blogging boat.

3: Link

I have linked to this eBook hundred of times via broadcasts and recorded videos:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Buy it if you want a helpful guide for living your dreams through blogging.

Link to product pages via the video itself to promote and to increase sales via video. Note; make sure you publish a page or post on your blog pointing to the digital storefront because this boosts products and YouTube does not allow the promotion of digital storefront links. You need to own the online real estate to promote freedom.

Link and prosper. This is a simple way to boost product sales via video because viewers click thru and buy easily if you provide folks with the link. Simple. Easy peasy, too.

Be with Discomfort

PHEW! I felt so awkward promoting my products during videos, my first few times. Heaviness overtook me. My energy died down a bit as I spoke the name of my course, my eBooks, my audiobooks and my paperbacks. This was fear. This was fear that people would feel annoyed at me promoting my products and that people would not buy my stuff, and fear of losing followers, and fear of losing readers. I faced the fear, I felt the fear, I created the videos and I kept promoting my products until the fear vanished. Be with the discomfort. Keep promoting.

You have every right to earn money through genuine, honest income streams. Help people through videos and help yourself by promoting your products.

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