Mudassir Ahmed Blogging Explained

About me

Hi, I am Mudassir Ahmed, founder of Blogging Explained and a content writer for hire in India.

After building several blogs in various niches and running into entrepreneurship, in 2017, I finally turned on to do what I’d been passionate about – blogging and enjoying financial freedom.

Who this blog is for?

This blog is for the ones who want to be in control of their lives. The ones who are Introverts (not necessarily) yet knowledgeable and want to develop an excellent passive income source. The ones who are burned out with the workload and looking to start a side hustle. The ones who want to blog but are not sure how to start.

Where to start?

First, let me tell you,

Like anything worthwhile, blogging takes time and effort. Since you have ME to walk you through help with proven tips and strategies to build a money-making blog, you must follow the PROCESS that DEFINES and MAKES you.

When you’re ready, sink your teeth into some of the helpful beginner blogging guides:

If you’d like to know me or need help, I’m just an email away.

More about me

I’ve been blogging since 2015, meaning I’ve been in this gig for more than seven years!

Just like most people, I started blogging for money. Despite the efforts, my blog would not grow and yield me money. As I was about to give up on blogging, I met the RIGHT (awesome) people who uplifted and guided me well.

Since then, blogging has changed my life for the better. In 2020, I made around $2400 (which may not be big money for you) but YEAH, I started making money.

I got married in 2018 to a beautiful person Shabnam Afroz. We enjoy watching Sitcoms together in a room full of eatables. We also find ways to make one-day drives. My wife and have been blessed with a baby girl recently. Find me on Instagram to know more about my personal space.

I have experience

I spent years blogging – making mistakes, fixing ’em, learning and teaching. Everything I had been through helped me prepare for the following levels. I KNOW what it takes to create and build a successful blog business.

I will simplify

I present you with helpful, compelling, and data-backed content concisely and with easy readability.


  • As a beginner, focus on a subset of a niche instead of targeting a broader market like sports.
  • Expand your knowledge and reach by making friends and connections.
  • Create rational short and long-run goals and thrive on achieving them.
  • Do not hesitate to invest in people that can contribute to your content marketing, design, and SEO efforts.
  • While you probably won’t get success overnight, you will see progress if you consistently and systematically implement tactics.

Here I end…

Over the years, I’ve been doing everything to make this blog into a high-quality go-to resource for aspirant bloggers and newbies to learn to blog and grow. And I take great pride in building this blog.

Blogging Explained is a serious project that I’ve given my best interest to – So stay along, and we shall have a long way ahead.