Are You a Calm Cool and Collected Blogger?

I am visiting with my 4 year old niece today.

Anytime I pull out the laptop and she wants to be a wise guy, she begins wildly tapping as many keys as possible. I usually hide the laptop from her. Sometimes I give her 2 seconds of violent keyboard tapping. A few moments ago, I allowed her to type wildly for about 20 seconds. As expected, my laptop screen turned 90 degrees. Basically, the laptop view appeared to be a sideways tablet.

I also noticed the cursor moved oddly. No matter where I pulled the cursor on the touch pad, the thing barely moved. Everything seemed to be processing slowly too. Hmmmm…..

But being a professional blogger for 12 years introduced me to all types of dicey blogging situations. I also managed my energy during this stretch to increase my emotional intelligence. How did I handle the situation? I calmly turned off the laptop and rebooted it for starters. The lappy loaded much slower than usual. One quick screen view revealed the 90 degree, sideways view. The cursor still appeared to be behaving oddly.

I looked up the issue on my phone, Googling “screen sideways for Dell”, found the hot keys to tap, followed the steps and my screen and cursor returned to normal. I estimate the time elapsed from discovering the issue to solving the issue being no more than 4 minutes; but that is only because the laptop loaded for roughly 2 minutes versus the normally 30 second load time.

Why did I correct the error fast? I am a calm, cool, collected blogger. Why am I a calm, cool, collected blogger? I spend hours daily managing my emotional intelligence and also have 15,000 plus hours of blogging experience under my cyber belt. In essence, I have seen it all. I have blogged for so many hours that nothing surprises me. Hence the chief benefit of blogging experience: blogging for a long time levels you, calms you and prepares you to handle any blogging situation that arises. Factor in my emotional intelligence developed over years of mindset training and you have a powerful 1-2 punch for being chill in any situation.

Are you calm, cool and collected during your blogging day? How about when blogging resistance arises? Do you exhibit a clear-thinking, relaxed attitude if something appears to go amiss with your blog? No one develops this skill from an inexperienced, less than emotionally intelligent vibe. Blogging experience and practice with increasing your emotional intelligence are the two basic steps to becoming relaxed no matter what happens with your blogging campaign.

However, observe how most bloggers handle temporary disruptions. Every disruption is temporary because change is the only constant. Everything changes. Blogging issues dissolve into blogging solutions, eventually, but the process seems to slow down because bloggers tend to panic, flip out or freak out as blogging resistance arises.

I cannot lie; 12 years ago as a newbie blogger, seeing my laptop screen literally turn sideways and observing my cursor behave in erratic fashion definitely would have freaked me out. Panic and frustration would have set in because 2008 Blogger Ryan seemed filled with fear, had no blogging experience and displayed a low level of emotional intelligence; I did little meditating and yoga.

2020 Blogger Ryan has quite the different blogging mindset. I learned my lessons because….I learned my lessons. But I had to be open, willing to face my fears and equally willing to strengthen my mindset in order to maintain this chill approach to blogging.


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