Are You Afraid of the Big Bad Google Wolf?

I regularly get requests from bloggers who want me to link to their blog posts.

I respect being pitched quality backlinks but know in most cases that these folks want to get a link on a DA 43 blog with a large, loyal following. I get that. No issues.

But sometimes I see the request come with a deep, pulsating, Google fear that feels quite palpable and that shows these bloggers are wasting their time moving into blogging action because of deep Google fears. Some bloggers ask me to change their specific, branded, blog domain name anchor text to super generic anchor text because they fear losing their rank on Google.

You see what a waste of time it is to do things from an energy of fear and loss and scarcity versus doing things from an energy of love, abundance, success, trust and faith? Do you fear the Google Big Bad Wolf? Why? Even if you gain sizable traffic through Google you can always build a large, loyal blogging community organically by creating and connecting, and this tribe is 100% Google proof.

Fearing Google and doing stuff reflecting this fear cuts you off from the human beings who promote your success a million times more seamlessly than Google. Google is a thing. If you fear a thing and do things from this fear you forget to show love to human beings who would help grow your traffic and profits.

I built a Google proof blog because I barely focused on SEO during my decade online. One part of me despised doing SEO because it was not fun for me. But one part of me saw fearful bloggers running around like fools every time Google published a new update, wasting their time in a state of panic-fear, dancing like search engine monkeys, doing all these silly things like emailing folks to change anchor text from blog posts five or ten years ago published. What the heck is that?

I respect these awesome bloggers but I sense Their Fear and stay away because if I give in to the fear then I buy into the mass panic and waste my time changing anchor text on links because I agree with their fear. Stop doing this crap. Just create more helpful content and make more friends by being generous, helping top bloggers without expecting anything or asking for anything. Success will find you, plus, you will become Google proof, meaning you won’t fall prey to these fears and wasting your time doing stuff because you fear losing Google rank.

Google could explode tomorrow and I would not give a rat’s rear end. My success is built on my generosity and on my loving, loyal tribe. Neither factor is going anywhere anytime soon so I will just keep becoming more and more successful. As long as I blog for fun and freedom, I will be generous and I will keep making more loyal friends so my success will continue to expand exponentially even if Google blew up and Twitter blew up and Facebook blew up tonight. The internet could change as we know it but I am in my friend’s hearts and my friends are in my heart so we are connected intrinsically and we will connect through whatever means available online.

Only Love is Real. Fear is illusion. Stop being afraid of the big bad Google wolf and start sharing value and making friends from an energy of love to have ever-increasing, exponentially expanding, fulfilling, fun and freeing blogging success.


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