Are You Trying to Acquire Too Much Blogging Information?

Be a creator. Not a consumer.

Most bloggers attempt to engage in due diligence for at least a little bit, which is a good thing. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Attempting to gain too much blogging information is similar to overeating; we all know how horrible it feels to consume too much food. At worst, you become terribly ill. At best, you feel highly uncomfortable for hours, until you digest your gluttonous feast.

Bloggers spend way too much time consuming way too much blogging information for due diligence. But the same bloggers rarely if ever have time to write and publish blog posts. What puts readers in your blog community cyber seats? Writing and publishing blog posts draws readers to your blog. But bloggers crippled by information overload cannot do much of anything, let alone writing and publishing blog posts. I do a bit of consuming and a bunch of creating to keep my skills, exposure and credibility expanding, exponentially, over the long haul. But making this blanket decision felt uncomfortable. I had to choose getting street smarts over getting book smarts.

Research a bit. Learn the basics of blogging the right way. In essence, top pros advise you to create content, build connections and monetize through multiple income streams. From there, blogging becomes a journey of being generous, patient and persistent. Stop trying to acquire MORE and MORE blogging information concerning creating, connecting and monetizing, once you get the basics. Perhaps you gobble up a few more details but blogging is less about trying to acquire oodles of information and more about sharing what you know, after grabbing a bit of blogging knowledge.

Doing due diligence is a small part of your blogging campaign. Pros nab a bit of knowledge to put the knowledge into action, well before going pro. Amateur bloggers who go pro prioritize getting street smarts over getting book smarts. Getting street smarts means gaining valuable blogging experience by writing and publishing blog posts. Getting book smarts means buying courses, taking courses, reading eBooks, being coached, and doing absolutely nothing with the information. Bloggers who acquire vast amounts of blogging information but rarely act on the insights fear going live, or, going public. Cowering to this fear makes it impossible to go pro. Bloggers need to be in the game by publishing content to position themselves to become pro bloggers.

Bloggers who do a bit of research then put the knowledge into action via creating, connecting and monetizing gain critical experience necessary to become a professional blogger. I never could do what I do as a pro unless I gained 15,000 hours of blogging experience in the form of street smarts. I learned through experience, not by taking courses, reading eBooks, getting coaching, then never publishing blog posts, building connections and monetizing my blog.

Be an action taker. Do not mindlessly plow forward without doing some due diligence, of course. But get the bare minimum amount of blogging information to get up and running. Solve reader problems. Listen to their needs. Publish content to address reader problems. Bond genuinely with pro bloggers in your niche. Help fellow bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Ask for nothing in return. Open multiple income streams. Prosper.

Slowly, steadily acquire a little more blogging research through patient due diligence. But nibble, versus gorging. Take baby bites, versus feasting on blogging knowledge. Do a tiny bit of blogging due diligence here and there after getting the basics down cold. Proceed to gain street smarts. Experience counts most in the aspiring pro blogger game.


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