16 Best WordPress plugins for bloggers in 2022

Plugins let you add more functionalities and appeal to your WordPress blog and help you scale. With over 55k+ free and premium plugins in the WordPress store, it’s quite overwhelming for bloggers to find the best and must-have WordPress plugins for their needs.

In this article, I have highlighted the 18 best plugins you may consider installing after starting a blog.

Let’s start!

16 best WordPress plugins for bloggers(free and paid)

1. Rank math

Rank Math is an effective SEO plugin that is widely used by WordPress bloggers and small businesses.

In fact, I had to ditch the Yoast SEO plugin for Rank Math a few months back to improve my blog’s SEO score. By activating it, you get to access features that enable you to optimize your content for search engines.

Rank Math is available in both free and paid versions – the free just works even better than Yoast’s premium.

What can you do with Rank Math?

  • Write and edit SEO title, URL, and description.
  • It goes through your content and checks if the focus keyword is present in the snippet.
  • It checks for the title and content readability and offers you the SEO scope for betterment.
  • Add an FAQ section (via schema generator) for rich Google results.
  • Redirecting 404 links, Instant Google indexing, mobile-friendly, keyword research and rank reporting, etc are some of the great features you can look out for.

I say it’s a must-have WordPress SEO plugin for any level blogger. Check this article to understand how to set up Rank Math properly.

2. Social Snap

Social engagement is one of the crucial SEO ranking factors.

With that in mind, Using the Social Snap plugin allows you to access 30 social networks, enabling your visitors to share your content via their favorite social app.

You can customize the design of the buttons and place them wherever you want on your blog. You can also display share counts for each network encouraging visitors to share.

With the pro version, you will have more features like Click-to-Tweet, automatic URL shortening, and detailed reporting.

3. Word Fence

Online is horrible; you can’t sit and keep an eye on your blog’s security 24/7 to lock out the bad guys. In fact, it is impossible. So WordFence plugin comes into the picture – The best security plugin that protects your blog from hackers and malware threats.

The free version of the WordFence plugin would do a decent job of protecting your blog from brute force attacks. If you cannot afford to get hacked, I would suggest the premium version that starts from $99/year with 1 license.

4. Strive content calendar

Strive Content Calendar - One of the Best WordPress plugins for bloggers

As a blogger, it’s important to publish content regularly and stick to a schedule. Strive makes this easy by adding a responsive content calendar directly into the WordPress dashboard. At a glance, you can see all of your published and upcoming posts for the month and schedule new posts with a few clicks. Posts are color-coded based on their editorial status, and you can drag and drop them into new dates to reschedule as needed.

In addition to the editorial calendar, Strive includes a few other practical features for bloggers, such as post statuses, custom checklists, and post revisions for republishing outdated content.

5. Insert headers and footers

With Insert Headers and Footers plugin, you can insert HTML code, scripts such as Google Analytics, custom CSS, Java into the <body> or <head> section of your blog. You don’t have to edit your theme files or rather deal with an extra plugin to do the same work.

For example, to add a Google Analytics tracking code, you don’t have to add the Monster Insights plugin to verify the code with Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

6. Mailer Lite

It would not be easy to grow your blog without building an email list. I get it; you might be thinking email services are costly.

Guess what! MailerLite is one effective and awesome list-building plugin that comes free of cost. In fact, I currently use the free one!

It has an automation feature that sends an email to your subscribers whenever you publish a new blog. Mobile-friendly newsletters, campaigns, rich text editor, photo editing, landing pages, signup forms, exit pop-ups, etc., all fall into a free plan.

You can send 12,000 emails to up to 1,000 subscribers per month, a free plan. That’s a pretty reasonable plan for beginners. After you reach the free limit or subscribers increased, you can simply upgrade for a low-cost plan that starts from just $10 a month.

7. Table of content plus

Having this plugin on your blog helps you keep your content organized and let readers find it with comfort. It acts as an information directory of your blog post. As you also can see an example at the beginning of the post – ‘Page Content’ section.

The Table of content plugin plus plugin makes it easy for the readers to jump to a particular section that they wish to read.

It has features like setting the table position, colors, what after heading it should appear in your blog post, etc. It also helps with your SEO, as Google can fetch H1, H2 headlines and feature them as snippets for search queries.

8. Elementor

Elementor is #1 WordPress’s drag and drop builder that easily lets you design great home pages, blog posts, and landing pages.

PRO Tip: Once you’ve installed the Elementor plugin, you can also install its add-ons to enhance the functionality and visuals. You can find them in the store.

9. UpdraftPlus

The blogosphere’s top undeniable fact is that none of the bloggers would risk their blog by not having regular backups. Anytime, anything could go wrong with your blog: new update, server crash, plugins conflict, cyber-attacks, etc.


UpdraftPlus is the best backup and restores plugin that keeps your blog’s security strengthened.

Note: If your web hosting provider offers a free backup option, you don’t have to install this plugin.

10. Really Simple SSL

When you install Really Simple SSL, it will automatically trigger the settings of your website and configures to run over HTTPS.

Note: Consider this plugin only if your hosting provider suggests it or if you’re getting connection issues.

11. Thirsty Affiliate

Do you want to monetize your WordPress site with affiliate marketing?

Then ThirstyAffiliate is for you. Simply install this plugin and give a professional look to your Affiliate Links.

For example, My original affiliate link for the Astra theme is “wpastra.com/?bsf=2072,” which is ugly and fishy in appearance.

But I made it look like “bloggingexplained.com/go/Astra” with the thirsty affiliate, which is professional and still carries the nature of the original link.

12. Imagify

Imagify is an ultra-modern Image compression plugin that will help you speed up your WordPress blog with lighter images without losing the picture quality.

Moreover, you don’t have to lose your bandwidth and storage by optimizing Images; Imagify uses its own servers.

To enjoy its value, you can get started with the free version that allows you up to 20 MB. However, there are two other plans you may want to consider:

  • Growth – $4.99 /mo (up to 500 MB)
  • Infinite – $9.99/mo (Unlimited Image compressions)

13. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is ranked the best and fastest cache plugin to optimize the speed performance of your blog. It makes cache-related tasks a snap, such as a browser cache, Cloudflare, and OP caches.

If you have the budget, you can skip the Imagify plugin and assign its task to WP Rocket as it optimizes your media. The speed encourages busy visitors to read your content easily without having any hassle.

It manages your databases, which is quite a chore for bloggers. Many energy-consuming tasks can be automated, saving you time.

So be sure to get this amazing plugin. The basic plan is $49 for a single license for 12 months – one of the best blogging investment you can make for your blog.

14. wp forms

It is a drag and drop builder that lets you create forms with a few clicks – such as contact form, email subscription form, registration form, and payment form such as PayPal donation.

You can start from scratch or access pre-built forms templates to build customized forms in seconds. They look great on mobiles, tablets, and computers.

With the form notification feature, you can respond as soon as you get a lead or a subscriber. The forms come with built-in spam protection with Captcha technology.

15. Woo Commerce

WooCommerce by Automaticc is one of the most vital of all WordPress plugins. The main idea behind most blogs and websites is to monetize them for maximum benefit.

WooCommerce is a plugin that helps you to set up an eCommerce store on your WordPress site. Apart from setting up the store, it also helps you to transact securely on your store, configure shipping options, and many more eCommerce features. It is a fully customizable plugin. You can create a store representing your product or service even if you are totally unaware of coding.

If you are a tech-savvy or developer, WooCommerce allows you scalability and integration with almost any service. You can also learn from an online community of WooCommerce users and a team of Happiness Engineers employed to assist you.

16. GDPR Cookie Consent

The WordPress Cookie Consent plugin would be a great solution to easily achieve compliance with the GDPR law. Its smart features save you loads of time and effort that you will have to spend on it when you do it manually. 

The most essential feature provided by the plugin, as per the GDPR guidelines, is the cookie consent banner. You can style it as you wish, along with buttons that allow users to either β€˜Add’ or β€˜Reject’ cookies on your website. 

Using the plugin, you can also conduct a cookie audit and list all the cookies to your cookie policy using a shortcode. An automatic script blocker is another major feature offered by the plugin. With the help of this feature, you can automatically block cookies of several third-party plugins such as Facebook Pixel, Smashbaloon, etc.


I hope this article “best WordPress plugins for bloggers” was of your help. Most of the plugins offer free and pro versions, so if you’re on a budget, you can still make the most out of free versions.

Remember, as you scale your blog, you can find more advanced plugins to take your blog next level.

You may also want to check out 25+ best blogging tools for beginners.


  1. Eniola Samuel says:

    A great list of recommended plugins.
    Social snap is a good content sharing plugin, it never misses count.
    I will start using the elementor plugin now, I never too it serious before.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Eniola. Elementor is must try plugin!

  2. Rijhu Sinha says:

    Hello Mudassir,

    Very informative post. Thanks Mudassir for your awesome research and sharing this with us. A comprehensive list of useful and important WordPress Plugins.

    After going through this post I am quite sure this post is definitely very useful for all the newbie bloggers as there are huge numbers of plugins available in WordPress and the newbies does not have such an in depth idea.

    I really appreciate the way you have explained this article making the concept much easier. Few of these Plugins are new for me too and will definitely try these too. Keep writing more similar and informative post.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Thanks for being so kind and supportive, Rijhu πŸ™‚

  3. Abhishek Padhi says:

    Social snap is a good social share plugin but it is not that responsive in free version. Premium version is awesome.
    Nice post πŸ‘

    1. True that, Abhishek. Appreciate reading through!!

  4. Suryakant sahoo says:

    Thanks, Mudassir for this amazing breakdown of these best WordPress plugins. You have poured a lot of valuable content into it. All are the best plugins and every blogger must-have.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Hello Suryakant, Welcome to my Blog. I am glad you liked the post, appreciated πŸ™‚

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