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Life gets difficult sometimes. We face all types of challenges. 

In these moments, the best thing you can do is to blog outward. What do I mean by blogging outward? Think of other human beings. Get out of your head and into a state of service. Love is real. Fear is illusion. Remembering this, blogging outward becomes your salvation because versus getting lost in your various problems, you get lost helping people from energies of love, generosity and abundance. 

All enlightened beings knew the basic secret of life is living from an energy of love, union and harmony with any person, situation or circumstance that crosses your path. Every blogger faces heartache. All humans face hardship. But blogging outward helps you to keep helping readers while you lick your wounds. Nope; blogging outward is not being a mindless blogging machine, plowing through inner turmoil, shutting out the world and its fear-pain, grief triggered, and the minefield of emotions faced in this experience which sometimes feels like a spiritual jungle. Blogging outward means feeling your fears, embracing pain, but moving towards thinking of other people, versus focusing attention and energy on your problems, solely.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving attention and energy solely to personal problems makes the personal problems expand. Some seem to be professional problem finders and problem growers, complaining, bemoaning and doing all possible to make life worse. Avoid getting caught up in this inward, self-focused, style of living…..and blogging. Some blog inward, complaining about life, regretting challenges and ruing all difficult experiences. Every blogger rants here and there because none are enlightened but the outward thinking bloggers of the world complain a little bit, feel their fears, then, blog outward a lot, thinking of ways to help readers, then following through by rendering generous service for their readerships. Plus, this crowd becomes prolific guest posters, too.

Love cures all ills. Love heals all mental maladies. Tragedy dissolves into love, as does trauma. Focusing your attention and energy on other human beings shifts your concentration to love. In one moment, you go from fearing your personal problems to feeling good about helping out other people. Life is love, making this shift is love, and the more you tend to other folks in your times of need, other folks help to solve your problems, and assist in dissolving your fears. Give yourself private time to lick your wounds but get busy helping people by blogging outward, hopping back on the blogging horse, quickly. Instantly, feel the shift from fear to love, and relish the fact that this inner shift will improve the lives of many folks…..including your own.

Giving, leads to receiving. Blog outward to tap into free giving and easy receiving. Everyone can give freely at any time through their blogs, but the select few who blog outward uncover this secret effortlessly. Life feels better if you serve other people because you get a little more lost in love. Love prospers, positioning you to earn more profits. Love heals all wounds, mending broken hearts. Love tunes you in to immense talents you never knew you had.

Blog outward. Spread love. Think about how you can help your readers today….then get busy doing it.


One of the keys to becoming an influential blogger is to blog outward, to generously help people, to become a genuine servant. People see generous, wise, knowledgeable bloggers who share content freely as influencing them to succeed. How do you gain influencer status? Buy my eBook to find out:

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