3 Tips to Do Blogger Outreach Effectively


Blogger outreach!

Perhaps my fave aspect of blogging is befriending bloggers for mutual benefits. The more bloggers you know and trust, the better. Why? Trusted blogging buddies trust you, endorse you, serve you, promote you and some become clients and customers.

Most bloggers seem confused about how to do blogger outreach effectively. I am here to help you do blogger outreach right, to have fun blogging and to increase your success.

1: Be Generous

Mudassir invited me to write this guest post. Gratefully and humbly, I accept his generosity and intend to generously serve you, his readers. Being generous forms the foundation of successful outreach because you make friends by being nice, courteous and helping people freely.

Think of ways you can generously help bloggers. Help people for free. Be nice. If someone asks a question, generously answer the question. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers on your blog. Open your blog to guest posting. Feature bloggers. Retweet bloggers. Publish posts generously to your blog. Be helpful. Neat side effect happens, guys: fellow bloggers befriend you. Outreach has done right.


Mudassir reached out to me asking if I can write a guest post for him. I reached out to him with a guest post. He generously gives up his blog to me so I can speak to his readers. I generously share time and energy speaking to his readers. Do you see this mutual benefit? Nobody tries to manipulate each other. Nobody desperately tries to GET anything from each other. People just help each other freely without strings attached.

Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers on your blog. Promote bloggers on social media. Reach out by being generous. Do outreach effectively.

2: Buy a Resource

I wrote a helpful resource to inspire you to do blogger outreach effectively:

13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Sizzle

Why did I write an eBook? Having one resource to reference amid the dizzying amounts of knowledge online, just grounds you. Imagine reading this blog post. My 3 tips make perfect sense because I blog mainly from love, not fear. But later today, you come across another blogger who advises trying to manipulate people through shady tactics, to get them to do stuff for you, outreach-wise. Do you feel confused to start a blog or later to do a blogger outreach? Of course, you do. Should you be generous and kind to reach out? Or should you hurriedly try to persuade bloggers to give you what you want?

Buying an eBook helps you follow a proven, generous, lasting blogger outreach strategy versus being tempted by fear-based outreach fads arising and dying out every few months.

3: Release Expectations

Admittedly, this step feels tough at first. Humans enjoy getting something tangible for their efforts. But doing blogger outreach the right way requires you be patient, persistent and release expectations from anyone outreach moment, for this approach to work well.

Release expectations. I write this post to help people. I shared a helpful outreach resource in my eBook. If someone buys it, great! If no one buys it, great! No expectations. I guest post to serve, assist and inspire, and leave the getting aka traffic or money to the process.

Focus virtually all of your energy on being generous. Focus virtually none of your energy on getting traffic, profits or links. Let go of expectations. Make friends left and right. Allow your blogging buddies to multiply your traffic and profits. Do not beg them to help you. Help them, release expectations and your blogger buddy network will do amazing things for you.


Be generous, genuine and remove expectations.

Be a blogger outreach rockstar who accelerates your success while helping fellow bloggers succeed, too.

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