Blogging career in India: Everything you need to know!

Blogging in India has become a popular career choice that is blooming at an impressive rate. That is especially true for its millennial populace, who are more open-minded and crave flexible working hours.

Even though “We Are Social,” a social media agency, carried out data research that says that 8% of the Indian population, which is about 100,000,000, uses the internet. Only 15% of this number are involved in blogging.

However, 65% of India’s millennials are speedily exploring the blogging scope in India. Let’s find out why there’s so much interest in this industry and how you can get started too!

Blogging as a career in India 2021

Limitations to blogging in India

The Indian blogging world has enjoyed a tumultuous rise in recent times thanks to millennials and nearly annexing traditional media. But it is most certainly not without its drawbacks. Here are some factors that make blogging in India something of a chore.

  • Awareness

Blogging and blogs in India are primarily popular amongst the Millennial and thus make a case for awareness, or the lack thereof. The older Indian populace can easily view this as just a hobby with no ideal impact due to their lack of awareness and unwillingness to learn.

  • School Pressure

Most student bloggers in India barely have enough time to navigate the rigorous and strenuous school work presented in Indian colleges. And that means they can’t even find spare time to put up creative contents that generate any meaningful income.

This presents a problem for the college-attending bloggers in India because they continuously choose between quitting blogging or being inconsistent bloggers who make no money.

  • Family orientation

Most traditional Indian families raise their children to either get a government job or work in a private business firm. That makes the talk of entrepreneurship a taboo of some sort. Any decision to go against the norm in families such as this may be met with utter disdain.

Aspiring bloggers from these families may become closeted bloggers without recognition or support from their families. Some of them have had to give up their dreams of becoming bloggers entirely.

Either way, despite these challenges, you’ve seen proof up there that Indians can and still do make a great living by blogging. If they can do it, what’s stopping you?

How to start blogging in India 2021 (The easiest blueprint)

To start and sustain a successful blog in India, you must pay great attention to blogging details. To break into the blogging industry that is steadily rising, you must be well equipped to avoid nursing regrets.

Here are the things you must do before your blog takes off.

  1. Carry out your research to know if blogging is something you can sustain, and be sure that it is your bread and butter.
  2. When you have arrived at a favourable decision, find what speaks to you and what you can blog about for a long time without getting bored. Check out the 15 best blogging niches in India for some wisdom
  3. Choose the best platform to start with; this, of course, is susceptible to change when better platforms come onto the blogosphere.
  4. Purchase a domain name for your blog as soon as you have decided on the title to use.
  5. Get a sustainable hosting plan. Check out why Bluehost India review to understand why Bluehost can be your best choice to start a blog.
  6. Set up your blog.
  7. Start creating unique content.
  8. Promote your blog to reach a broader range of audiences on the internet.

These are mostly the baby steps involved in starting a blog in India.

Must read guide - How to start a blog in India (The ultimate guide for beginners)

Earnings of top Indian bloggers

These are the people who know their onions in the Indian blogging world. They have made a tremendous impact and some good money while at it.

Here are the top ten Indian bloggers, their blogs, and their estimated earnings.

BloggersBlogsEstimated Monthly Income
Srinivas Tamada9Lessons.Info$20,000
Arun PrabhudesaiTrak.In$15,000

Average blogger income in India

A regular blogger’s salary in India can be somewhere between $100 to $10,000, and celebrity bloggers earn between $20,000 to $60,000 in monthly income. These figures are heavily determined by how much authority you command as a blogger in India and how much traffic your blog generates monthly.

Some average bloggers earn somewhere between $500 to $1000, with only a handful earning between $5000 to $10,000. A blogger in India must continue reinventing themselves and improving their content to secure sufficient traffic that translates to money. Suppose you are not generating enough income as a blogger in India. In that case, it may seem like a colossal waste of time and resources.

I have gathered some tips on how bloggers can earn their hard work’s worth.

5 ways bloggers in India can generate income from blogging

  1. Showing of display ads
  2. Offering your services
  3. Selling of affiliate products
  4. Sponsored posts
  5. Conduct webinars and workshops

#1. Showing of display ads

Display Ads are straightforward and don’t require much in the way of maintenance. It is a good way of making money by running advertisements on your blog. The higher visitors who see the ads, the higher you earn from the companies, therefore ensuring you have solid traffic going through is paramount.

#2. Offering your services

If your content is impactful and draws visitors, brands will seek out affiliations with your blog and pay for your services.

#3. Selling of affiliate products

Again, substantial traffic is important for a good income. You can get paid by referring your visitors to affiliate products. You become an affiliate either by a brand new connection or just reaching out to the people in your niche with an existing affiliate program. Then you sign up for a commission that depends on the number of visitors you refer to the products.

#4. Sponsored posts

You will get offers from time to time to review products and market them to your visitors. This can either be a periodic endorsement or a one-time stint. The payment depends on the popularity of your blog.

#5. Conducting webinars, workshops

When you have established authority and solid know-how in your niche, people will readily pay to be taught by you. You can host webinars and workshops as a successful blogger, using your blog as leverage.

Conclusion – Blogging as a profession in India

Use people like Harsh Agrawal as a yardstick to measure just how high you can climb in the blogging ladder. All you need to do is put in the hard work, exercise patience, and stay determined.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it pays off in the end. The competition will be stiff, but it’s not unbeatable. Invest as much time as you can into, and you’ll start seeing the fruits of your labour before you know it. That is just a simple fact. Good luck!

Before you leave, here’s a collection of the best and helpful articles that will walk you through the blogging subject:

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  1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Mudassir this is awesome. Reality check buddy. Those bloggers who make that coin but in serious time being generous to increase their skills and exposure. Good stuff!


    1. Agreed Ryan!

      Run behind the process and skills. Eventually, money falls in place.

      1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

        It really does brother. Money comes if you fall in love with the process, generously helping people. It can and DOES come.

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    Hi Mudassir,

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    Good One Mudassir, and thanks for the mention.


    1. Thank you, Folajomi. Please keep showering the love 🙂

  5. Lisa Sicard says:

    Hi Mudassir, I’m so glad you so it takes time! It took me years before I made any money from blogging. You have to create content, connect with others, and be consistent. I think the last one is the hardest for many people. I’ve seen so many bloggers come and go over the decade that I’ve been blogging.

  6. Arun Saxena says:

    Very impressive writing! Mentioning the top 10 Indian bloggers with their monthly estimated earnings can prove you have done very good research before writing.

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    Hi Ahmed,

    That’s thoughtful written blog post. The introduction where you mentioned about the restrictions/difficulties faced by Indians especially are really true and many face these issues.

    We hear the stories of only those who succeed, but there are many who might have dropped in the middle due to these issues.

    You have written very nicely covering almost everything for starting a blog

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Thanks for giving it a read, Chaitanya 🙂