Blogging is an Uphill Climb

Blogging is a simple journey.

Blogging is sometimes uncomfortable.

Blogging is freeing, too. But blogging is an uphill climb. I picture our treks through the jungle during our 6 week trip to Costa Rica a few years back. A 1 mile long stretch offered us a sometimes 40% grade in some areas. We are talking intense! In other spots, the grade dropped to a little bit above level. In between, we are talking roughly a 10% to 25% grade. Not too bad. But walking uphill for 1 mile burned my quads, challenged my lungs and made me break into a serious sweat by the time I reached the top of the hill.

Blogging is similar. Up, up and away we go! Blogging is like walking up a mountain in some regards because we hike up a slow, steady climb, for a long time. My wife and I spent a good 30-50 minutes walking 1 mile high up this hill, for a 3 hour hike overall, for the entire trip. But blogging is a bit different. Becoming a pro blogger involves walking for years uphill, through tough spots, through less tough spots and through level areas. The grade changed from high to low to everything in between. Blogging is similar. Blogging feels easier sometimes and tougher other times. But the journey feels uphill until you reach the top. After reaching the top you simply coast downhill easily until the next hill, as you head toward the top again. But climbing the next hill does not feel too challenging; you trained by climbing the prior hill.

Do you see how well that works? Simply climb the first hill and it gets easier to climb the next hill. But blogging is an uphill climb that challenges your body and also seems to stretch your mind a bit. No one goes pro unless they climb up a hill persistently, patiently and generously. Going uphill feels scary. Other times, hiking uphill feels incredibly uncomfortable. This is the pro blogging journey. Never delude yourself in believing you will succeed stress-free, obstacle-free and resistance-free.

Be prepared to face strong obstacles. Pro blogging careers sit well outside of your comfort zone. Face your fear. Feel your fear. Release your fear. Letting go fear allows you to grow like a weed. But feeling fear feels highly unpleasant. Slamming into fear seems uncomfortable. Imagine fearing criticism from readers; receiving your first negative comment feels bad, really bad. Do you want to snap back in anger at the critic? Do you want to debate the critic? Do you want to prove that you are right and they are wrong? Or do you want to prove your worth and credibility by debating these folks?

Sit with these emotions. Feel uncomfortable energies. Proceed uphill. Blogging is an uphill hike. Expect to face ample resistance on the way up. No one succeeds without facing a few obstacles along the way. Be prepared to dissolve obstacles by facing your fears.

Get lost in your vision. Blog mainly for fun and freedom. Blog for fulfillment and liberation. Allow your love of freedom to overcome your fear of doing freeing but uncomfortable things. Hike uphill by knowing how the view looks from the top. The view from the top feels amazing but you need to bust your tail a little bit, to get there. You can do it. But you need to embrace the fact that becoming a pro blogger is an uphill climb.


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