Blogging Problems Build if You Avoid Facing Blogging Problems

Blogging problems get worse if you avoid facing blogging problems.

Blogging problems dissolve if you face blogging problems and solve blogging problems.

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Stop Viewing the World through a Pinhole

I explain how seeing the world through a pinhole literally blinds you from all the opportunities out there.

Imagine if you have a serious blogging problem: you cannot drive traffic to your blog. Pro bloggers tell you Google traffic is the best way to drive traffic. After trying to drive Google traffic for months nothing seems to be happening. Frustrated, you feel stuck. What else can you do? You push the problem away. Avoiding the problem does not solve the problem because avoiding problems make the problems worse. But you see the world through a blogging pinhole, believing Google traffic is the only worthwhile traffic source.

Meanwhile, thousands of ways exist to drive quality, targeted, profit-building blogging traffic. Guest blogging drives quality traffic. Genuine blog commenting leads to blogging friendships. Blogging buddies drive quality traffic to your blog through their generous, genuine promoting and endorsing. Video marketing drives blog traffic. Podcasting drives blog traffic. Google traffic is a quality source of traffic but Google traffic is one source of blogging traffic.

Avoiding a blogging traffic problem grows the blogging traffic problem into something bigger. Expect to see increased blogging profits problems too. Why? Part of avoiding your blogging traffic problem involves giving up on blogging for 2 months. Being fed up, you decide to quit blogging short term. What happens if you do not publish a post for 2 months? Any traffic and business momentum you began to build simply vanishes, putting you, your blog and business back 2 months.

Imagine building a mansion. Perhaps you laid a rock solid foundation but have yet to lay the last few concrete pillars to make the foundation genuinely safe, sturdy and powerful. At that point, you quit laying the foundation for 2 months. Can you continue building the rest of the home? Of course not! You need to lay a rock solid, full foundation properly before you proceed. Plus the work you refused to do during the 2 month stretch puts you 2 months behind schedule for your home-building campaign.

Blogging is similar. Avoiding problems puts you back months or even years. Face problems head on. Solve your traffic problems. Solve your profits problems. Never bury your head in the sand. Never duck issues. Face fears fueling problems head on. Solve these issues. Not only will you solve the direct issue; you’ll also likely solve other problems related to your core problem.

Profits issues often dissolve the moment you commit 100% to driving targeted, passive blogging traffic through a genuine blog commenting and quality guest posting campaign. Everything changes as you change your perspective by generously create and connect freely. But remember; the pinhole line of thinking I share in my video only creates more problems. Leave your comfort zone! Think of opportunities opening up in a 360 degree field around you. Problems I suffered dissolved by me thinking outside of the box, seeing issues from a different perspective.

For example; me trying to do everything on my own led to severe blogging problems. Framing blogging through the pinhole of my circular efforts was quite moronic. But making friends by opening my perspective made blogging easier and easier. I had to open my pinhole view to something all-encompassing, to see a different perspective. Be open. See possibilities. Seize opportunities. Solving one problem sometimes knocks off other problems, almost like a domino effect.


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