While no one could envision what 2023 would bring, as we wind up 2021, it’s time to set some blogging resolutions and be prepared for a great year.

Not sure what resolutions you should think of?

Keep reading for some inspiration shared by 18 bloggers.

Blogging resolutions

1. Anthony Gaenzle – Gaenzle Marketing

I’d like to double my blogging network in 2023.

Working together is so powerful! The more we build our networks, the more we can all grow! Relationship building is perhaps the most powerful tool in helping bloggers expand the reach of their content and brand and increase readership and conversions. Blogging is a team sport, and building my network will always be at the top of my blogging resolution list.

2. Gianna Barrere – PerformLine

I want to be more tactical and intentional about converting blog traffic to leads in the new year.

Our blog generates a lot of organic traffic to our site, and I want to capitalize on that more! I’d like to test out different CTA types and placements, embedded “subscribe” forms, and pop-ups on the page.

3. Sharon van Donkelaar – Expandi

To start making a stable income with my personal blog.

I’ve been working on it for almost a year now, and even though it all started as a simple hobby, I recently started seeing the potential of my blog, thanks to my hundreds of readers. I can see myself earning good money in 2023 if I put effort into it. I plan to have not just one but multiple income streams for my blog;  give affiliate marketing a try, look for partnerships with brands, bring a few ads to the blog, and, why not, maybe even create and promote my own products/service.

4. Dustyn Ferguson – Dime Will Tell

To start hiring help.

At some point, to grow and take time off or focus on other projects, you need to expand your team. That will be a big focus of mine going into the new year. To prepare for that, I’m starting to create more organized systems and SOPs to aid in that hiring process, making it more impactful (and scalable).

5. Ankit Singla – Master Blogging

To include more rich answers in my content.

It’s a win-win scenario: a smoother learning experience for readers and more potential organic traffic for me.

I’ve recently been super focused on providing crisp and to-the-point answers to questions revolving around my post’s topic. I plan to stick to this practice moving into 2023 while also optimizing each answer for Google-rich snippets.  

6. Stephen Oyelabi – Digital Acce

Although I have a large pool of well-researched topics, I still don’t have a proper plan for posting what. I pick topics randomly and publish them anytime the article is done. My new year resolution is to have a predefined content calendar and stick to it. That way, it’ll be easier for me to plan, write and publish in an organized structure. In addition, my audience too can know when to expect the following content.

7. Mark Leifer – CensibleClicks

Running a marketing agency definitely keeps me busy during the day. However, to increase my company’s profile, I plan to be much more aggressive in writing for my blog.  

I aim to read 1-2 well-written articles or case studies monthly. While this will add to the overall workload, it is an exciting challenge that I am looking forward to.   

8. Nikola Roza – Nikola Roza

First, I cracked the code for ranking in Google for target keywords. I can’t reveal my secret sauce,  but it’s the right mixture of domain authority, page authority, topical authority, and relevance. 

My Grammarly student discount article (https://nikolaroza.com/grammarly-student-discount/ ) will be my test subject, and if things go according to plan, I’ll develop an overarching SOP for ranking my money pages in Google.

I can’t wait until my hunch tells me I’m onto something.

Second, I want to lower my email anxiety and boost my email productivity by being super efficient with my mail processing. It has been one weak area this year and a significant stealer of my productivity. I need to fix it.

Third, I think content strategy is becoming crucial, and I want to master it, hiring a content strategist one time only to understand the rationale behind their work process.

9. Charbel Coorey – CricBlog

To consistently guest post to build backlinks that can help improve Domain Authority, achieve better SERPs, and increase traffic.

However, it is crucial to work with authoritative and relevant sites. To find such sites, I analyze competitor sites, looking at their backlinks and how they achieved them. Plus, I intend to build more relationships with journalists in 2023 by providing them with newsworthy and engaging content (such as interviews with athletes) to form a story and link back to my blog. 

10. Joey Randazzo – SEO Growth Partners

I’ve tried blogging resolutions in the past, and… they haven’t worked.

Why haven’t they worked?

The answer is that I’ve always tried to commit too much.

I was looking back at a content calendar I created for my business at the end of 2020, and it was 2x blogs per week for all of 2021. Each blog was intended to be at least 2,000 words. That’s 4,000 words per week or ~208,000+ words for the entire year. The average book is about 90,000 words. I was committing to writing over 2 books and didn’t fully realize it.

I got overwhelmed and gave up.

So my “resolution” for 2023 looks a little different. What is it? The “resolution” is to publish 2x blog posts per month. I know, it’s not a lot. However, it’s a number I can hit without burning myself out and putting my mental health on a rocketship to the lawless unknown.

11. Eva Keller – Discovering Hidden Gems

2023 will be my 4th year as a blogger. At this point, I make a pretty consistent part-time income, but this year will be the year I take the leap to make a full-time income! I started a YouTube channel this year and very recently became consistent with it, which I will carry into next year. Tiktok is next!

12. Jodie Filogomo – Jodie’s Touch of Style

To spend time researching my topics before writing the post with the hopes of ranking on Google more and more. 

I recently took an SEO class because I ignored that blog part. 

If I’m going to spend time writing a good blog post, I want as many women to see it as possible to inspire them that it’s never too late to look great. 

13. Alex Wan – VinPit

To drive my blogs towards customer retention techniques.

It is said that adding a new customer is relatively easier than retaining an existing customer and converting them into loyal ones. Therefore, I have been researching ways to make my business blogs more customer-friendly.

14. Lucy Reyes – Cheers to Blogging

To launch a new course for my primary blogs and warm up my audience for group or one-on-one coaching.

I have been working towards these things this year, but with a new baby, it has been hard to keep up with, LOL.  But as you know, creating your own digital products is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, making this a worthy goal for anyone in the blogging world.

15. Anna Barker – LogicalDollar

To start a new site in 2023.

My existing site has been pretty successful, and I’ve enjoyed working on it a lot, but I would also like to diversify my blogging portfolio. This would not only give me a chance to potentially develop a new source of income but also mitigates some of the risk involved in having all my income come from just one site. You never know what the next Google update could bring, so I’d rather err on caution.

I’ve had a bit of a bad habit of buying new domains over the last few months, so I’m looking forward to getting one off the ground to see what it can do!

16. Kevin Mercier  – KevMrc Travel

To go on more adventures.

As a professional travel blogger, I have visited 24 countries and written 406 posts in the past 6 years of travel blogging. For 2023, my new resolution is to travel to unique destinations worldwide, explore unique cultures and meet new people from different parts of the world. It has always been my dream to visit every single country of the world, which will only be possible if I am willing to go the extra mile and be more adventurous, and I am certainly not going to let the fear of going alone stop me.

17. Tracie Fobes – Tracie Fobes

To practice more self-care.

Getting caught up in the craziness of creating content, SEO research, product creation, and monetization efforts is easy. However, without being mentally and physically healthy, it means nothing.

It is easy to not work if you have a headache or the flu, but we push through when we are mentally not in the game. That needs to change.

Taking time to focus on your mental health is equally important to your physical well-being.

Spend more time doing things you love, and don’t stress that you take two days off from writing.

It’s OK. We all need to do this as the money, growth, and success will not happen if we aren’t in the right mind to do it all.

18. Alex Williams – The Website Flip

Delegating more tasks will be a big focus for the team and me.

Most bloggers fall victim to trying to wear too many hats at once, and it just doesn’t work out well. Identifying the things that are easy to delegate or outsource frees us to focus on those higher-level tasks where we really need to be the eyes and ears compared to letting someone else take the lead.

For most bloggers, this can be scheduling social media posts, creating pins for Pinterest, and maybe even link-building for the blog.

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