60+ blogging statistics of 2021

Since the beginning of the Internet, the blogging industry has seen tremendous growth and been evolving in every aspect – right from platform features to monetizing them.

It is not just bloggers and marketers are taking advantage of it; businesses are also leveraging blog strategy to attract potential buyer traffic, establish a brand reputation, increase conversions with helpful content and communicate effectively with their customers.

Still thinking if blogging is the right choice for your content marketing efforts?

I have put together the blogging statistics for 2021 that will blow your mind away.

Read on!

  1. The first blog on the Internet was created by Justin Hall in 1994. It was more like a writing entry on the Internet – 99firms.
  2. Later in the year 1997, the word ‘weblog’ was started by US blogger Jorn Barger – Wikipedia.
  3. In 1997, weblog turned into ‘blog’ by Peter Merholz using the blog’s sidebar space at peterme.com – Wikipedia.
  4. A massive 41.4% of all websites on the Internet are built on WordPress content management system (that is 64.8% of the market share) – W3Techs
  5. Over 70 million new blog posts and 77 million new comments are being produced every month – WordPress.
  6. More than 408 million users view 20+ billion pages each month – WordPress.
  7. James Bond, the superhero uses WordPress for his websiteWpvip
  8. Over 120 languages are being used to publish blogs across the world and the most used one is English with a share of 71% – WordPress.
  9. 1 in 10 bloggers are being creative and get better results than others – Orbitmedia.
  10. Hostinger is the fastest growing web hosting in 2021 that hosts blogs – W3techs.
  11. .com extension is used most and occupies a share of 52.5% overall – W3techs.
  12. There are more than 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. Out of them, 200 million are most active and it is estimated that 600 million of them have blogs.
  13. 69% of bloggers are in the age group of 25-45 and 62% of bloggers are women – Convertkit.
  14. Billboard is the 1st ranked blog according to detailed.com.
  15. 86% of visitors today are blind to ads and banners that appear on blog – Neil Patel.
  16. Hubspot found that blog posts that are of with a 2500+ word count earned vast organic traffic.
  17. Bloggers are spending 64% more on each blog post than they did 6 years back. Now the average time taken to write a blog post is approximately 4 hours – Orbitmedia.
  18. Hubspot shows organizations who publish blog posts consistently get more traffic and leads.
  19. “How-to” articles are the most popular format with a share of 77% and “listicles” are in the 2nd with a percentage of 56 – Orbitmedia
  20. 90% of bloggers use visuals in their posts, majorly images – Orbitmedia.
  21. Blog post headlines that consist of Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) get more shares – Okdork.
  22. A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds – 99 firms.
  23. Blog headlines with 10-14 words performed better on SERPs – 99firms.
  24. Blog posts with a word count of 3000+ words get an average of 76% more referring domain URLs – Backlinko.
  25. Blog posts over 3000 words get 3x more traffic, 4x more social shares, and 3x more backlinks than articles with less than 1000 words – SEMrush.
  26. Publishing at least 4 articles per week drives better results in terms of traffic, leads, and conversions – Marketinginsidergroup.
  27. Short permalinks perform better than long ones – Backlinko.
  28. Blog headlines with a number had a 30% more conversion rate – CXL.
  29. Blog titles that include a question (How, what, why) have 14% more CTR – Backlinko.
  30. Blog posts with short sentences improve readability by 58% – NNGroup.
  31. The blog post that used words like “You”, “Your” in their title performed great and accumulated more shares – Okdork.
  32. Blog articles with images perform better in terms of views and shares – Jeffbullas.
  33. Over 44% of users skim blog posts so it is important you break down content with subheadings and bullet points – Optinmonster.
  34. Over 72% of B2B buyers consume blog content during their purchase process – DemandGen.
  35. Over 49% of marketers say, given an opportunity to start over their content marketing strategy, they would focus high on blogging – Databox.
  36. 97% of bloggers use social media channels, 68% use SEO and 61% depend on email marketing to promote their content and build a brand – Statista.
  37. 66% of the businesses say, they generated an average of 67% more leads by leveraging the blog tactic on their website – TGC.
  38. Bloggers who always keep an eye on their content strategy performance are twice as likely to produce better results – Orbitmedia.
  39. Articles and blogs stand in 3rd and 4th positions out of 5 as top five B2B content marketing tactics – IMN Inc.
  40. Over 85% of creators and marketers say that blog posts are the most preferred and popular content format – SEMrush.
  41. 72% of businesses have someone dedicated to managing blog content strategy – IAB.
  42. Blog content capture 125% more emails on average – Matcha.
  43. 34% of bloggers admitted that updating old articles produce better SEO results – Optinmonster.
  44. Using images of real people, with credentials on your overall blog space get a 35% increase in their conversion rate – Marketing experiments.
  45. According to Optinmonster, 60% of bloggers post 1 to 5 guest articles in a month, 3% of bloggers write over 100 guest posts a month.
  46. The #1 result in Google has 3.8x more links than positions #2 to #10 – Backlinko.
  47. Bloggers who work with editors and influencers get better results – Orbitmedia.
  48. Only 25% of bloggers leverage keyword research for 100% of their posts and 35% of bloggers use keyword strategy for 10-50% of their articles – Orbitmedia.
  49. 6 out of 10 users leave a blog without reading till the end or signing up with you if they were met with filler, poor, and badly formatted content – Adobe Brand.
  50. Outdated plugins or themes are the main reasons for blogs being hacked – Torquemag.
  51. 1 out of 4 visitors leaves your blog if it takes more than 4 seconds to load – Websitebuilderexpert.
  52. Two-third of all bloggers admitted money is the motivation to blog – Growthbadger.
  53. Compared to bloggers who earn null or less, bloggers who earn more than $50,000 a year are 5.5 times as likely to publish case studies and 4.5 times as likely to create videos – Growthbadger.
  54. Bloggers who earn over $50,000 a year say their top blog posts are about 2500 words long – Growthbadger.
  55. HuffPost, a major publication of today was once started as a blog by Arianna Huffington and estimated that it earns $14 million per month – 99 firms.
  56. Bloggers who earn over $50,000 per year say, they craft their content on the interests of a very specific group – Growthbadger.
  57. Higher-income bloggers use paid marketing 10 times more than lower income bloggers – Growthbadger.
  58. High-income bloggers use an average of 2.5 email ID capturing methods, while low-income bloggers use less than 1 – Growthbadger.
  59. Bloggers earn over $50k/year get 66% of their email subscribers via subscription box, 53% via free bonus, and 12% via exit-intent popups – Growthbadger.
  60. Bloggers earning $50k per year earn 57% of their income through affiliate marketing, 45% through selling their own product/service, and the least 2% via paid speaking gigs – Growthbadger.
  61. As per convertkit, bloggers with children earned more than double that of bloggers without children.
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Concluding blogging statistics 2021

As you can see from the above stats that blogging is not to be going anywhere. It is relevant and effective for businesses, marketers, and creators to take the word out.

Readers want to read in-depth, comprehensive, and accurate content which can only happen through long-form content.

Build a blog and constantly thrive to keep cluster-free blog design, drive traffic to your blog, build backlinks, social proof for blogging wins.

That’s the key takeaway!


  1. Vishal Meena says:

    Hello Mudassir!
    Really so much intresting article. “62% of bloggers are women” is new and Surprising for me, Really they are doing great. and last one (61) is funny 😁.

    Vishal Meena

    1. Hi, My name is Mudassir says:

      Thanks for taking time to read, vishal. Take care!

  2. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    What an eye-popping list Mudassir. Blogging is still so new when you think about it, only beginning about 25 years ago, about. That’s nothing. We have so much potential at our blogging fingertips.


    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      I consider blogging as a boon. It keeps me energetic, motivated, and result-oriented. Yes, we have the comfort to blog, thanks, Ryan.

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