Blogging Success Finds those Too Busy to Look for it

You guys know me by now. I do not check stats. I do not check metrics. I am not entirely detached from worldly life, like Buddha or a sadhguru. But I understand and have learned from top bloggers that success finds bloggers who are too busy to look for it. By this, I mean that if you are not obsessed with outcomes but entirely focused on the process of helping people you will become really successful over the Long Haul. Commonly though, most bloggers obsess over outcomes. Most bloggers check stats way too frequently. I’m talking checking stats hourly. This is insane. What growth occurs an hour over an hour? Blogging growth is a month by month and year over year deal.

Nothing happens hour to hour so why would you check stats every hour? This is fear manifest and it kills more blogging careers than you’d ever believe. It may be killing your career right now. Thank goodness I never became obsessed with checking stats because I was always too busy to look for success or to scan my stats. I was largely too busy helping people to worry about becoming successful. I just became successful because I gave most of my attention and energy to helping people and not trying to figure out what I can get from them. Does that make sense?

Most bloggers do not get it though. Most bloggers struggle and fail because they’re looking for Success. Most bloggers believe they are not enough so they need numbers on a screen to feel good, or like they are worthy. Bad move. If you focus on getting you don’t do the giving that precedes the getting. Understand? Generous servants make a ton of money through blogging because they do the stuff that leads to all the money, that being, helping people all day long and not worrying about outcomes or stats.

Generous, successful bloggers trust in the process and worry not if they are becoming successful. These folks are not burdened by fears which lead to failure. Failing bloggers, on the other hand, focus on specifically what they’re getting from every blogging action. Bad idea. If you are busy looking for Success you won’t find it but if you’re busy helping people you will find out what makes successful bloggers successful. Buy my eBook if you want the real 411 on successful blogging.

Blogging success finds those who are too busy to look for success. I don’t check stats because I know how I am feeling and how I’m doing. I feel good so I will become an increasingly successful blogger. Simple equation. Feel good, have fun, help people generously, trust and you will succeed. Numbers on a screen do not play a part in that equation. Numbers on the screen are arbitrary numbers on a screen. Numbers mean nothing. Why search for nothing? Why search for meaning and numbers? Numbers don’t mean anything. Numbers do not make you successful. Helping people generously makes you successful so help people all day long and success find you, especially when you’re not so busy looking for it.

As always, emotional hygiene is the step or main factor in becoming a successful blogger. I’ve shared enough stories of seven-figure bloggers who blog for months or even a year or longer until they made their first few hundred bucks. But now, after trusting the process and being incredibly generous for years, these folks have earned millions upon millions of dollars through blogging. Did they panic? Nope. Did they quit when they made $500 after a year of helping people generously? Nope. This is why they are millionaire bloggers and why everybody else hasn’t made their millions yet. Keep helping people generously. Be so busy helping people that you have no time to look for success. This exactly why success will find you.

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