11 Tips for Choosing a Great Domain Name for Your Blog

how to choose a domain name for your blog

Wondering how to choose a domain name for your blog?

In this article, I will guide you through the process of sparking your creativity to grab a perfect blog name that you don’t regret later.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your blog’s digital address (URL) representing you and your work and communicating information to humans and SEOs. The history of domain names dates back to 1983 when the domain name system was first conceived. 

When people hit your URL on their search bar, they will land on your blog.

But wait, why do you need to stress finding a good domain name for your blog?

  1. Your blog URL is the first thing people will see and can form a professional impression about you. It helps to present yourself sharp and build trust. It also implies you’ve invested money and efforts into your service and are serious about running a blog business.
  2. A short and sweet and unique blog name is more likely to be remembered and increase the brand awareness.
  3. It may impact SEO as the keyword in your domain can help you rank for that specific term.

Typically, a domain will be made of two elements:

1) Name

2) Extension

For example, my blog URL – www.BloggingExplained.com, where .com is the extension (or TLD) and BloggingExplained is the domain name (blog name).

How to register a domain name for your blog?

A safe and reputed source is Namecheap, which offers domain registration and web-hosting services. It is also an ICANN accredited (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), meaning it is trusted to use.

Usually, a domain would cost you 10 to $15 a year.

I assume you’re a beginner who would accept a little financial saving – When you purchase any Namecheap’s hosting plan, you can register your domain for free of cost for the first 12 months.

After the free offer term, you will be asked to renew your domain name at a regular price. If it lapses, then you may lose the domain, and your efforts go into vain.

I believe it is important and makes sense to let your hosting provider manage your domain so you can manage everything you need in one place.

11 tips for choosing domain name for blog

1. Shorter is better

You may register a domain name of any length. But prefer a least shorter name; it will be easier for people to remember and type. You don’t want to introduce your website address to your prospects like www.thebestmobilephonesandchargershopincanada.com.

People will also be more inclined to enter typos with longer names, which can be a loss for your business.

2. Easy to pronounce

As easily as your blog URL rolls off the edge of your fingers, it should be the same with your tongue.

It makes it easier for people to call and share it with their friends or colleagues.

In simple, the blog domain should be easy to spell and pronounce.

3. Make it Keyword-rich

Having a keyword in your domain name can be an advantage in the SEO aspect – you signal the search engines what your blog is about and stand an opportunity to rank for similar keywords.

But, just having a keyword-rich domain name won’t help you rank; you will need great content, user experience, backlinks, topical authority, and a lot of other SEO elements.

For example, my domain name ‘bloggingexplained.com’ is also a keyword called ‘blogging explained .’ I stand #1 on SERPs.

These days, it’s hard to find such domain names; that’s because they’re taken.

4. Prefer .com

.com domains are traditional yet the most preferred ones. They’re memorable and can make your business appear credible.

Given its history, the proven fact is that the human mind tends to append .com to the blog name subconsciously.

Did you observe most keypads of mobiles and computers have a .com key? That’s because it is a popular and highly used extension.

But hey, other TLDs work just fine too, you don’t have to be stressed looking out for your desired domain. For example, Moss Clement runs a super successful online business with a .biz extension, Mossmedia.biz.

5. Avoid mix of hyphens and numbers

If you can, avoid hyphens and numbers at all.

If you can’t, you may have either a number or hyphen in the domain name – don’t use both. They make it difficult and imply a spam notion.

Imagine your blog is www.The-Twitterblog.com. Anyone can understand this blog must be spam.

Similarly, www.small-business-tips.com may look good over www.smallbusinesstips-101.com.

6. Make it comprehensible

The ideal blog URL should give people an instant idea of what your blog is about.

For example, my blog URL “bloggingexplained.com,” right off the bat, new visitors can make a guess what my blog is about (blogging).

Your domain name should offer the same instant intuitiveness for people to remember and stick it into their minds.

7. Make sure the domain means right

Your intention is right.

However, sometimes, weird things happen unintentionally.

When you combine two different words, it may end up as an ugly word or sound. After all, your website doesn’t have to be a bad example.

Check these funny examples.

8. Check for trademark

In my novice days, there was this famous news website with its .in extension unused. As I registered it and started blogging, I received a 50 paged legal notice a month later. I was lucky; they simply asked me to take the website down to drop the charges.

Lesson learned!

Don’t be tempted to take advantage of a well-established business name on a different TLD or combination. Depending on the country, you may have to check for registered trademarks and copyrights.

9. Be relevant

Think in the long run.

You don’t want to set yourself to a certain niche if you have plans for business expansion.

Imagine with a gardening-focused domain name, you end up publishing stock market tips. Got my point?

10. Leverage Thesaurus

Are all the great names taken?

Don’t be afraid to look for synonyms using the Thesaurus dictionary to find slightly different keywords with similar meanings by loading the keywords from your desired niche.

If you haven’t decided what niche to blog on, check the 15 best blog niches to start blogging in India.

11. Act fast

If you think of a great domain name, be it highly creative, fun, or unique, there is a high chance that others can come up with the exact idea and buy the domain before you do. So don’t just sit thinking too much – grab it fast.

Register your domain name with Namecheap.


Learning how to find a great blog’s domain name can be challenging; it is time-consuming and involves a lot of research. After all, finalizing the right domain name is the first step to your online success.

The ideal domain name should be easy to remember, sounds good and meaningful, and have the scope to become a brand in the future.

What is your domain name? Do you have anything to add to this resource? Let me know in the comments.


#1. I’m from India. My desired domain is taken with the .com extension by someone else. Should I go for .in?

Yes, you can go for it if no trademark or copyright is registered by the .com business owner. Otherwise, they can sue you legally.

#2. What are some good alternatives to the .com domain extension?

It includes .org, .net, .info, .io, .biz, .online, .co, etc.

#3. How much does a domain name cost?

Usually, it is $10 to $15 per year. However, the premium domains may cost a lot of money.

#4. How do I get a domain name for free?

When you signup for Namecheap’s web hosting, you can have the chance to register your domain name free of price for the first 12 months.

#5. What is a domain name generator?

It is an online technology that lets you find a domain name when you input the keyword. It will then show you the matching and various combinations of domain names that are available to purchase.

#6. Can I use my full name as a domain name?

Yes, you can. Online entrepreneurs like Neil Patel, Neal Schaffer, Anthony Gaenzle, etc., have been using their personal names as domain names, and they’re successful today.

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  1. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:

    Hello Mudassir,
    I envy the creativity some people have when I comes to things like domain names, blog post titles, etc. My domain name is not short, not easy to pronounce, since it’s just my name it could be anything, you don’t know until you check it out. But one thing I can be very certain of is that I am sure nobody has the same name. 🙂

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Hello SharlaAnn, We have rarely come across blogs that have the same blog names and topics. If we set aside ourselves to executing the motive behind starting a blog and do it deliberately, then the feeling of not having a great domain name won’t desist us.

      Thanks for putting your thoughts.

  2. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Excellent tips Mudassir. Definitely go with a dot com because people tend to think only in dot com terms. If someone gives me a site name I do not bother checking anything save dot com. Not seeing a dot com domain name goads me to move on.

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Dotcom domains have been ruling the Internet for a long time, Ryan 🙂

  3. Rohit Thakur says:

    MUDASSIR AHMED, This blog post has too much potential to stand loud. The aspect you have cover in this blog post is too much appreciative.

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Hello Rohit, Thanks much for giving it a read and supporting it with a lovely comment.

  4. Moss Clement says:

    Hi Mudassir,
    Excellent writing for both newbie bloggers and season marketers with blogs. When I started, although I had no idea what I was doing, I knew that a short, sweet domain name will be ideal. However, since the top and most preferred extensions like .com and .net were taken, I opted for .biz/. Nevertheless, your article is a resource for those starting a blog and who may want to change their domain.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Hello Moss, you’re amazing and an inspiration for people to realize they could grow a successful online business even without non-traditional TLDs.
      Glad to have your point on the matter. Thanks!

  5. Lisa Sicard says:

    Hi Mudassir, I’ve always thought of changing my domain name but now it’s my business name. It is short but doesn’t really reflect a keyword. You are giving me some food for thought on the word Inspire. I’ve got to do some more research on it, thank you for these tips and ideas. Have a great day.

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Hello Lisa, keyword in the domain could weigh your SEO a bit if done right, but not mandatory, though. I certainly like your name – it is meaningful and easy to remember.
      Thanks for reading and sharing it on Twitter.

  6. Aadarsh Roy says:

    Hey Mudassir Ahmed ,

    Awesome post with effective tips for choosing a great domain name. You have introduced good tips here and elaborated them nicely that is really providing a good understanding of concept. I really like the way you have explained each & everything about domain name and tips for choosing it.

    Yes While choosing a perfect domain name it is helpful considering the shorter domain name, whereas doing so will makes it easier for user to remember. As we know that Keyword is one of a n important ranking factor and including a keyword in domain name will provide good advantages. Avoiding the combination of numbers & hyphens is also good idea.

    Adopting and implementing your tips will be a great helping hand and undoubtedly helps people in selecting a perfect domain name. After going through this complete guide i gain ideas and am sure that this post is definitely going to help lots of people & readers to sort-out their query.

    Truly informative post and keep sharing more similar post.


    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Hello Aadarsh, Hope you’re doing well.
      I really appreciate you reading my blog and dropping your thoughtful and valuable comment.
      Take care there, friend!

  7. Amit Biwaal says:

    Mudassir Ahmed, thanks for this predefined content. Have you any ideas about choosing right NFTs domains? Share please

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      No idea, Amit. Thanks for stopping by!