The fact that you are on this page makes me think you’re one of these three types of people below;

Whatever the truth is, you’re looking for actionable content to point you to the right direction when it comes to coupon marketing.

And that’s what my article will do, let’s go!

What is coupon marketing in blogging?

You can’t define coupon marketing in blogging without first understanding what a coupon is. 

A coupon is a document, a graphic, or code that can be redeemed to get a discount on a product or service. This can be both in hardcopy or digital format.

In our case as bloggers, it’s mostly digital or electronic.

So, What is Coupon Marketing in Blogging Exactly?

Coupon blogging is a marketing strategy where a blogger finds coupon offers to write about to capitalize on web users looking to save money on purchases.

Since these coupons are mostly offered through affiliate programs, it is a win-win situation. The merchants get new customers, while bloggers/affiliates get commissions from every sale generated through their coupon code.

In simpler terms; it’s a very lucrative business model and one that many bloggers sadly overlook.

Yes, they’re far too engaged in chasing lucrative hosting term (too hard a nut to crack) or pursuing Black Friday deals, not realizing that those seasonal events bring in seasonal traffic;

while coupon articles and keywords are evergreen and can make you money throughout the year, and on autopilot too. Don’t make those classic blogging mistakes, instead be better, and start earning earlier, MUCH earlier.

What are coupon keywords?

Coupon keywords are phrases you chose to target with your coupon articles because you hope to rank for them.

Notice I used the word “hope”?

Actually, the word is a misnomer in this context. 

In coupon marketing, there’s very little hoping involved and the keywords you target, the articles you publish are solely going to be driven by keyword research you did.

Strategic keyword research is the first and most important part of any search engine optimization campaign. 

And when researching you’ll be looking for keywords and keyword phrases that have at least some search volume, because it’s total nonsense target phrases no one searches for.

Pro tip:

Don’t have the money for a premium keyword tool?

No worries! Use Twinword, a free keyword tool that gives you premium results and data.

3 reasons why you need to target coupon keywords on your blog

#1- They’re easy pickings

The beauty of getting started with coupon blogging is that competition is pretty low. The fact that search volumes are low, many bloggers and advertisers are discouraged from targeting them.

That makes it even easier for you to get started because you don’t have to go too advanced with your keyword research.

For example, the keyword “ConvertKit discount code” has only 40 searches per month.

And sure enough, when I do a little search I see there are only 32 competing sites, and most of them pretty weak in both content and authority.

This means that were you to target that keyword today, your starting position would already be #33, which is really high for a brand new post.

Pro tip: Most coupon keywords are relatively competitionless, However there are exceptions to the rule.

Very popular, world-renown products will have even their coupon phrases maxed out in terms of competitions. For example, “HostGator coupon code” is a phrase you should not target unless you have DR 80, which I’m sure you don’t.

Note: the site I linked to on the above has a DA of just 16, so it has an incredibly hard time competing.

#2- They bring in ultra high-buyer intent traffic

We all love discounts, hence why we love to read more about any coupon savings available. But we don’t start looking for them unless we are ready to make a payment on a product or service.

That means a higher percentage of visitors that lands on your coupon page will be ready to buy something. They’re not just looking, they have a credit card between their teeth and are anxious to use it:)

Because of that, it pays to target low volume coupon keywords as every visitor is a potential sale.

#3- They’re easy to write

If you’re a blogger like any other, sometimes it’s hard to write on topics you’re not that familiar with.

Not to mention all the intricacies of on-page SEO where there are well over 100 factors to look out for.

Check out this ready-made SEO checklist here!

The beauty of coupon blogging is that most of the writing can be templated. You DON’T have to write rocking blog posts with every coupon you promote.

More on that below.

How to find products and services that offer coupons?

We can use Google to find them. In our case, we’re going to use “Unbounce coupon” as an example because it’s in the blogging niche.

(Note: It is important that you blog about coupons that are congruent with your blog’s niche, unless you’re running an all-coupon blog. Then you can write about anything.)

When I search for “Unbounce coupon code”, I notice that my friend Nikola is familiar with coupon marketing for bloggers. His Unbounce coupon page is on the first page of Google.

Anyhow, I can see immediately that the first page is littered with coupon articles. What does that tell me?

It tells me that said service (Unbounce landing page builder) offers coupons or used to offer them.

To check further, I need to load the page and see when it was last updated.

The logic behind this is that bloggers will keep regularly updated only those coupon pages where promotions are active and which can make them money.

So, I click on my friend’s page and check the last published/updated date.

Ok, I can see he updated on 29.3. 2021 so the page is fresh and the code is active.

Now that you know a certain coupon exists and is active, the next step is to apply to their affiliate program.

And once you’re their partner, you will have access to their coupon codes+ affiliate links and banners.

Pro tip – If you’re a new blogger, you need to have a fully functional blog first.

In many affiliate programs, before an applicant is accepted into the program, the company manually checks their website. So it’s very important that your blog is set up and working properly.

How to write coupon articles like a machine?

What makes writing coupon articles so easy and fun is the ability to use outlines and templates.

I want to refer you to Nikola’s Unbounce coupon page because it is a perfect example of what a coupon blog post should be like.

  1. He starts with a summary box at the top. In the box he puts the offers name, what kind of discount to expect out of the coupon, a quick description to give slightly more depth about the offer, then wraps up with a call to action button. This is especially helpful for the fast action takers. Those who are ready to buy and all they need is a coupon code.
  2. Then below the summary box, he continues to give more useful information about the coupon code.
  3. He talks about how much you can save if you use the coupon code, and how to apply the coupon code to your purchase.
  4. He goes ahead to explain what the product is, presents a comparison between normal pricing and coupon code pricing.
  5. He then compiles a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) just before concluding with the same summary box he used at the top.

With this kind of information curation, it makes a ton of sense why his page ranks on the first page.

It’s not only a coupon offer delivered by a random WordPress coupon plugin and that’s that. 

By writing all that information, he made that information more helpful and valuable to both web users and search engines.

Pro tip: remember earlier how I said coupon articles are easily templated?

Well, here’s how.

Go to that page (I won’t link to it here again, but scroll above and find it. Anchor text is “Unbounce coupon”) and click on his table of contents.

Select the entire table and copy it.

Next, paste it somewhere, but don’t do a regular paste, instead do “paste as plain text”

Voila, now you have an outline copy of a page that ranks in Google and that Google really loves.

Just replace Unbounce with your target product coupon code.


The truth is that the internet is now blowing up with coupon blogs.

Yet paradoxically, competition is slim to none for most coupon phrases, while those that are competitive pale in comparison with truly competitive, non-coupon keywords online.

The time to get a piece of the action is now! You can grow your blog and income by targeting coupon articles almost exclusively.

Have questions?

Shoot those comments below, thank you!

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contain affiliate links and I earn a commission if you buy through my referral links. Read the full disclosure.

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  1. Vishal Meena says:

    Hello Mudassir!
    Nice read!

    A simple tip, always try to use FAQs without any drop-downs or Accordions. When content is hidden, Google has difficulty indexing it. Sometimes if a Limited deal or coupon code is running, then we want that article to be indexed immediately, then it is not helpful to use Accordion.

    Btw, this is a unique article for me, first Article that I’m reading about coupon marketing.

    Vishal Meena

    1. Great tip, Vishal. In addition to resolving reader’s queries, FAQs, when done right can give more visibility on search engines and give us SEO boost. Thanks for your comment and share, Vishal.

  2. Ryan K Biddulph says:

    Mudassir this is a sensational guide. People tend to appreciate a hot deal here and there. Coupon marketing capitalizes on this idea of folks seeking discounts.


    1. Saving some money is no bad at all and this idea to save is why coupon marketing is emerging in affiliate and blogging industry. Thanks for reading, Ryan.

  3. SideGains says:

    Another great post Mudassir and it’s such a great idea to build some low-hanging search traffic.

    1. I agree paul; understanding our target market and crafting plans on offering value through coupons is the key to success. Appreciate joining with us here.

  4. Sayem Ibn Kashem says:

    Hey Mudassir,

    This really an amazing piece about coupon marketing. If the coupon marketing is done properly, it can drive some insane traffic that converts better. Thanks for mentioning one my content. I really appreciate this!

    Sayem Ibn Kashem

    1. Agreed! If coupon marketing done right, it can give a big SEO boost to your blog. Thanks for reading Sayem.

  5. Nitin Dabas says:

    The article beautifully explains Coupon marketing. Much appreciative article that provides value to the readers. The summary has a vital role in any coupon code article. Thanks, Mudassir!
    -Nitin Dabas

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Nitin! That was great to hear.

  6. Dheeraj soni says:

    Lots of nuggets here, Mudassir! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge!

    1. Awesome! You are most welcome, Dheeraj.

  7. Tarun Kashyap says:

    Thanks for the kind mention Mudassir 🙌

  8. Hey,
    Coupon Marketing is about the use of coupon codes, vouchers and discounts to attract and retain customers, taking advantage of customers’ interest in saving money on purchases

  9. Thank You for sharing this amazing content Mudassir. Really appreciate your efforts. Keep it up!

    1. Mudassir Ahmed says:

      Most welcome, Sajid🙂