Crawl Before You Walk Bloggers

I believe in you. I know you can succeed. You will do big things in blogging.

But you need to be realistic, too. Ingesting a big old dose of realism helps you do amazing things through blogging. I had to drink a dose of realism to evade delusion some 10 years ago as a new blogger. Most new bloggers need to take a similar journey to blog from a relaxed, chill, generous, trusting energy.

2 minutes ago I read a common question on Quora. A new blogger wished to know how to make their blog popular. Maybe a language barrier led to the question – on one level – but the intent rings true for many new bloggers. Bloggers with no experience already want to make their blog popular but running a popular blog happens after generously serving people for 5,000 to 10,000 hours or more. Can you see the problem? You need to crawl before you walk, then, you need to walk before you run, then, you need to run before you sprint, then, you need to sprint before you win the race as a full time, professional blogger.

Dissect the example above. Imagine if a new blogger has 3 hours of blogging experience. He wants to make his blog popular. Not a bad thing of course, but if you have 3 hours of blogging work experience, you are 5,000 plus hours of work experience away before you can even sniff at making your blog popular. Take my blogging course; blogging has many moving parts to learn, study, to put into action and to master before becoming a popular blogger. Versus working 3 hours, you will need to work 5,000 plus hours to 10,000 hours or more. The work, sweat, tears, and generosity develops skills in you that make you popular. Observe my today; I began blogging at 2:30 PM on a Saturday after spending today with my parents and sister. Since 2:30 PM – that would be the last 90 minutes – I published 3 posts on my blog and this is my 2nd guest post. I do not play around. Imagine publishing 5 posts in 90 minutes? Sounds unheard of, to bloggers who practiced blogging for 3 hours, but it is quite easy for me because I practiced blogging for 20,000 hours.

Do you see the rub? Becoming super-skilled after 20,000 hours of practice required me to crawl, not walk, for hours 5, 10, to 100, to 1,000, of blogging practice. My first few thousands of hours of blogging practice made me skilled enough to create and publish one post daily. Cool. Gradually, I began to walk a bit, publishing 1 post to my blog and 1 guest post daily. I had to take my time, learn to blog, relax, and slowly but surely gain skills and success momentum to become skilled enough to where I could publish 12 posts daily. Now I sprint through the finish line but 10 years ago I had to crawl, then walk. Imagine if I tried sprinting 10 years ago? Impossible. I would have fallen flat on my face. Bad injury. Terrible injury. It would have served me right because I had only crawled to that point. Growth is progressive. Success is progressive. Crawl, then you can walk, blogging-wise.

Successful blogging is progressive. Calmly, patiently and persistently increase your blogging skills through practice. Eventually, your increased skill sets aids you in experiencing ever-increasing blogging success.


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  1. Nikola Roza says:

    Crawl before you walk. Walk before you run. Love the idea Ryan. It gives me comfort because I’m still in my crawling stage and it’s painfully slow at times.
    But I’ll push through it and grow up. My comfort is that I know myself.
    I never give up on what’s important to me.