Did You Earn Reader Attention?

Did you earn reader attention?

No one wants to be pitched business if not interested in business. Why pitch someone completely not interested in business? Why make assumptions? A few folks recently talked to me about their home businesses. But we only chatted about life for a few seconds before the pitch. Someone pitched me their home business after knowing I blogged. Why assume I want to join a home business just because I blog?

Stop wasting time. Connect with like-minded bloggers. Business flows to you. Business flows to you through blogs built up over years. Imagine creating and connecting generously for a while. Act on content ideas. Give freely. Eventually, your blog commands authority. Readers visit, read, trust you through your blog and:

  • buy your stuff
  • hire you
  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • join your home business

Guess what? You never had to pitch a soul. Why? You earned reader attention through your valued free content. People gave their attention to you because you gave people helpful, free content. Do you see how it works? Give help for free. People benefit from your free help. People pay for your premium help.

Make money blogging. But gaps exist between helping people for free and helping people for pay. No one predicts the gap time. But rest assured, success flows to you if you generously help people for a while. Why? Helping people for free earns their attention span. Attention span seized, people take even greater interest in your premium offerings.

Be generous, patient and persistent. Do not pitch people your business. Pitching people admits business ain’t going well. Successful bloggers allow business to flow to them by earning the right to access attention spans. People pay attention to generous, helpful bloggers. Paying attention to bloggers keeps readers focused on:

  • you
  • your blog
  • your products
  • your services
  • your home based business

What happens? People buy your stuff, hire you or join your home business. Success follows. But only because you earned the right to gain attention spans.

Pitching people indicates you did not earn someone’s attention span. Pitchers talk to me about weather, my day, or where I traveled. I answer. Nothing suggests I am interested in anything but weather, my day or my travels. But pitching me a home business after informal chats quickly reveals how your blind as a bat approach neglects earning my attention span. Why ask someone to join your home business if the person says he’s having a good day? Stop wasting your time. Stop wasting the time of people you pitch. Stop damaging your reputation too.

Rest assured, pitching people enough labels your email with the scarlet letter: “S”, for spam. Spam emails dissolve into eternity. Spam emails go completely ignored. Do not link casual chats with business interest. Target your campaign. Build content that sells your eBooks, courses and home business for you.

Read and enjoy a post like this. See value in the post. Perhaps you buy this eBook for entrepreneurs based on this helpful blog post. I earned your attention with my free content. Attention earned, I offer you the option to buy the eBook. I did not email you, Message you or DM you with this sequence:

Hi how are you? How is life? How about you buy my eBook?”

People see through non-genuine, struggling entrepreneurs. Nobody feels good about someone who asks them questions about their feelings, life, then buying their eBook. Talk about non-qualified customers. Feeling good today and about life does not indicate someone wants to buy your eBook. Who wants to buy your eBook? Bloggers who read your targeted, helpful blog posts.

Build your content. Let your content do the selling for you through value shared.

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