Do Income Streams or Bloggers Make Money?

Think through your monetizing strategy.

Do you choose income streams based on earnings potential from the stream itself? Some bloggers set up Google Adsense because other bloggers earn thousands of dollars per month through Adsense. But other bloggers made the money. Adsense did not make a thing. Google Adsense never made a dime because Adsense is an inanimate income stream incapable of doing anything. Think it through for a few moments. See what I mean?

Streams are not sentient, active or capable of doing a darn thing in and of themselves. Income streams simply behave according to bloggers who work the income streams. Bloggers make money through income streams by their efforts. Income streams do not make money through bloggers.

Bloggers sometimes believe an income channel makes money online based on how much other bloggers earn through the channel. Or sometimes bloggers base their income expectations on the results of bloggers who worked specific channels for a decade or more.

John Chow has made $30,000 a day through blogging, specifically through a high net worth type income channel. He goes the big ticket route. John has 15 years of blogging experience in his pocket. He hires people to handle critical aspects of his big ticket income channel, paying them a pretty penny.

Believing that you too can earn $30,000 a day through the big ticket income channel, right now, seems delusional because you do not have the years of experience, skills and resources in place to manifest that type of money. Big ticket income channels potentially yield big money but only for skilled, generous, patient, persistent, trusting bloggers.

Bloggers make money. Income streams do nothing. Income streams do nothing because income streams do not live, breathe, think, feel or act. Humans live, breathe, think, feel and act. Humans practice, get clear, create and connect to succeed working any income channel. Humans make money. Bloggers make money. Income channels serve as receiving streams. Imagine work you put in over years. Income channels just allow you to receive money-value for the value created through content and through the quality of your connections.

Look to yourself as the money maker. See income streams as receiving channels and nothing else. Bloggers pin hopes on specific channels being a big money maker based on results from skilled, clear, powerful bloggers who know how to make money.

Harsh at Shoutmeloud made $50,000 in Adsense earnings over 10 years. Some new or struggling bloggers believe they too can make 50 grand in a decade, that Google Adsense is a good source of blogging money. Not true. Harsh is the source of money. Harsh’s generosity, patience, persistence, compassion and thousands and thousands of hours of work, made the difference.

He made the money. Adsense did nothing. Adsense is just a lifeless ad posted to sites that people click on. Did the ad do anything? No. Ads cannot be human, or, sentient. I can do stuff. My pet cats do stuff. But my blog does nothing successful unless I work, serve, learn skills and persist until I profit. Do you understand what I mean?

Similar ideas ring true for marketing channels. Bloggers attach to video or podcasts as the new holy grail of marketing but the blogger – not the channel – determines how well the channel works. All income streams seem to be tools for using. People learn how to use tools. Bloggers practice blogging. Create and connect generously. Trust in yourself. Open multiple income streams.

As your skills and exposure grow, your blogging income grows too through your multiple income streams. No one stream is more effective than others because all streams are inanimate, neutral, lifeless. Even if you earn more money through specific streams it never proves some streams are better earning streams than others. Why? You can name 50,000 bloggers who earn the most income through completely different streams. Bloggers, not income streams, earn income.


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