Do You Appreciate the Cumulative Effect of Blogging?

I have written and published 4,007 posts on Blogging From Paradise. Check that; I have published 4,007 blog posts. Some are articles and some are video-themed posts. Either way, that is quite a few blog posts according to most bloggers. I hit 4K because I appreciate the cumulative effect of blogging. I see 1 blog post adding up to 2 blog posts after writing and publishing 2 blog posts. Write and publish 10 blog posts to add to those 2 blog posts. Cumulatively, you now have 12 blog posts circulating around your niche.

I kept going until I reached 4,007 blog posts. Cumulatively, 4,007 blog posts circulate the web in the blogging tips niche. I also wrote and published 200 plus pages on Blogging From Paradise covering travel topics. Publish 1 post daily for a year. Cumulatively publish 365 blog posts over the year. 365 blog posts circulating the web in your niche increase your exposure and credibility. But bloggers need to have a vision to appreciate the cumulative effect of blogging. Far too many bloggers have no vision. Bloggers simply see today and blog for today. Blogging for today completely blinds you to all blogging work adding up over days, weeks, months then years.

Picture yourself blogging on a day to day basis. Publish 1 post today. Publish 1 post tomorrow. Publish 1 post for the next month. Versus seeing 30 blog posts accumulating over 30 days, expanding your collective presence far and wide, you see 1 blog post daily and believe you barely made a dent in your blogging niche. Hogwash! Hey; blogging is no numbers game. Observing my 4,007 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise is not about aiming for some arbitrary number. But dwelling on the cumulative nature of publishing 1 or more posts daily for years clues you in to the astounding nature of accumulating blog posts over years. Think of making a 4,000 blog post impact in your niche. Ponder how many people you help by being seen in 4,000 plus spots online.

Ultimately, it is about all the people you help. Worldly success flows your way too but helping people by being generous for a long time allows your blogging presence to expand dramatically over the long term. That’s it. Everything changes when you keep publishing helpful content over the long haul. But publishing helpful content is only one way to tap into the cumulative effect of blogging. Blog comments add up wonderfully over the years, allowing you to make friends and expand your presence. I published tens of thousands of blog comments over my 12 years online. Being in tens of thousands of places helped me to help a bunch of folks.

Blog commenting does not bring returns after 5 blog comments or 10 blog comments. After 40,000 blog comments, expect to see staggering returns. Of course, writing and publishing 40,000 blog comments after reading that many blog posts takes a long time. But like any endeavor, the more you fall in love with the process the more you nudge yourself through tough spots.

Everything you do now adds up to something special over the long haul. I recorded a podcast a few moments ago. I mentioned how doing simple things generously for a long time adds up to something spectacular over the long haul. This requires a deep commitment to blogging. Deeply committing to blogging demands that you blog mainly for the fun of blogging. Being in love with the blogging process nudges you through fear, discomfort and the inevitable bumps all bloggers face on their journey. Simply blog mainly for fun and a little bit for profits. Focus on the process. See the blogging journey through over years.


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