Do You Beat Yourself Up over the Quality of Your Blogging Content?

I scanned a few blog posts laying out challenges bloggers face. I dig grabbing blog post ideas by reading posts from top bloggers detailing challenges, struggles and mistakes bloggers suffer through.

One such blog post listed publishing quality blog content as one chief blogging challenge. But is it really a blogging challenge? Who determines the quality of a blog post? The reader who reads the blog post! But bloggers sometimes confuse fellow bloggers by issuing strict edicts about what constitutes quality blog posts, what does not and to make matters worse, bloggers suffering from worthiness and confidence issues teach that only incredibly long, in-depth, thorough, heavily detailed, SEO-optimized blog posts are the only quality blog posts.


Short blog posts are quality blog posts if readers enjoy, benefit from and extract value from short blog posts. Ditto for long blog posts. Quality, value and benefits are in the eyes of the beholder. Not everyone needs to be Neil Patel or Brian Dean; nor should they be. We each have our unique blogging style and delivery to bring to the world. Honor your style. Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut. Deliver blog posts in your genuine, one-of-a-kind, fashion. Be your version of amateur blogger to become a professional blogger with an authentic style. Get comfortable with publishing your version of quality blog posts.

Stop beating yourself up, blogging with low confidence and low self-esteem, believing that quality posts are only 5000 word, incredibly in-depth blog posts. Boosting your confidence feels good because you get clear on seeing quality in your shorter, sweeter blog posts. But feel free to publish long form content if doing so feels fun, freeing and liberating. Simply trust your gut to listen to your inner guide. Be patient as you work through your mental blocks. Bloggers have such a tough time rooting out confidence issues and prefer to bury these energies. But if you lack confidence you will always feel like you are not enough, trying to over-compensate with your blog content.

Quality blog content is determined by readers, not bloggers. Every reader clings to a different version of quality blog content. Some love long form blog posts. Some dig short term blog posts. But it is up to you to get clear on what works best for you and feels best to you. Let your readership grow around your preferred blog post word length. Find your flow. I hated writing long form blog posts. Everything felt heavy to me. Nothing felt light, effortless and enjoyable. I experienced little success writing long posts because I felt bad. But I experienced increased blogging success by trusting my gut and publishing shorter, more enjoyable to write blog posts. My readership grew around these short, sweet posts because my community sees immense value in such posts.

Every blogger builds their own niche based on their passion. Readers want to get different content from different bloggers. Readers may want long form content from SEO pros and short form content from mindset focused bloggers. Be comfortable with this idea. Find your definition of quality. Grow a community of loyal readers who enjoy the quality you deliver, through short form or long form content.

Quality is in the eye of the beholder, not in the eye of the blogger publishing content.


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