Do You Build Your Blogger Network Daily?

Most bloggers make the common but devastating mistake of not building a blogger buddy network until they NEED help from blogging friends. Bloggers lone wolf it, never networking for months or even years. But 3 years down the road, when you slam into massive resistance, heavy obstacles and all manner of problems, you will have zero trusted blogging buddies to call upon when you need them most.

Good luck trying to feel confident and clear on working with strangers to handle your blogging issues. Genuine, honest freelancers and bloggers dot your niche but why depend on strangers when blogging buddies make your life easier and easier?

For example, imagine creating and launching a helpful blogging course. Bloggers advise you to get it into reader’s hands, for free, by creating a marketing blitz through your blogger buddy network. But you have no blogging buddies. You neglected building your blogger friend network for years. What is your only option? Emailing strangers with your wonderful, helpful blogging course. Assuming that your free, valuable offer – giving your course away for free for 1 week post launch – opens doors with pro bloggers is a common, massive mistake. None of these bloggers know, like or trust you because you are a blogging stranger. 95% to 99% of your emails never get a reply. Most of your emails wind up in spam folders.

Perhaps 1 out of 50 bloggers actually offers your free course to their following. But their readers have no idea who you are because you are a complete, utter stranger to virtually all blogging communities. No one downloads your blogging course for free. Forget about purchases. No one buys your blogging course at all. Imagine the frustration of creating a genuinely valuable course that no one buys or even downloads for free. Hey; it is your fault because you waited to network until AFTER you needed blogging buddies, when it was too late.

I see bloggers make this damaging mistake routinely. Do not follow their failing path. Network now. Generously, genuinely help top bloggers in your niche, ask for nothing in return and expect nothing in return. Allow bonds to form organically. Allow friendships to form naturally. Gain blogger trust. Earn blogger trust. Let your bonds grow. In time, by being generous and genuine, blogger buddies begin to gravitate toward you. Friends:

  • trust you
  • endorse you
  • promote you through their blogs and through social media
  • buy your stuff
  • hire you

As your blogging buddy network grows, so does your success. Nor will you need to even pitch blogging buddies after your eBook or course launch. Blogging friends who believe in you organically promote your eBook launch or course launch without you even asking them to do it. The power of trust and the power of belief makes for a powerful duo when it comes to influencing blogging buddies to help you; without you even asking them to help you.

Of course, one must be generous and genuine for a while to build your friend network. Nothing happens overnight. Bloggers spot less than genuine bloggers from a mile away. Help bloggers. Expect nothing in return. Allow friendships to form organically. Eventually, you will have help whenever you need it in the form of your large, loyal blogger buddy network.

Do you have problems with your blog on the technical side of things? Loyal techie blogger buddies can easily answer your questions or flat out fix your problems. Never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with loyal, skilled, trusted blogging buddies. Friends gratefully and quickly help you whenever you need it.


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  1. I somehow find Ryan everywhere 🙂

    Hello 👋 Ryan,

    You are right. Trust, familiarity, and relatability. All crucial to blogging or business success — but that’s missing in the rush to create more content I guess?

    Honestly, I think some bloggers do somewhat better than entire teams combined, working in companies.

    There, I said it.


    1. Ryan K Biddulph says:

      Agreed 100% on this, Ash.