Do You Build Your Blogging Success or Pick Apart Your Blogging Faults?

Build your blogging success! See blogging success unfold before your eyes, building, growing and expanding into something special. Do not pick apart your blogging faults. Stop being hard on yourself. Stop fighting yourself. Stop judging yourself. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Picking apart your blogging faults allows your faults to expand. Self-judgment increases too. Why make blogging harder by adding more faults to your blogging personality? Why not make blogging easier by slowly, steadily and patiently building your blogging success by observing how success expands before your eyes? Writing and publishing this guest post expands my blogging success through one more post. I see my blogging success building by writing and publishing this guest post.

I added another brick to my blogging success building by writing and publishing a blog post earlier today. I added 2 more bricks by writing and publishing 2 guest posts today. I build. I never tear down. I never focus on ideas like blogging faults because self-judgment tears down. Build yourself up. Spot growth areas. Play to your passion. Use your talents. Follow your fun. Allow blogging success to build for you by noting blogging success building for you.

Trash critics. Give no attention and energy to people appearing to tear you down unless you want to tear yourself down. Critics drip with illusory fear, the appearance of judgment and the insanity of conceit. Do you want to trust these people? Fear is not real. Fear is illusion. Critics offer feedback through the prism of illusory fear. Why would you trust their illusion? Why would you trust their delusion?

Build up. Never break down. Never give attention and energy to people who appear to break you down by magnifying your faults. Never worry; focusing on your strengths allows success to find you via you building your skills through patient practice.

Success finds builders. Failure finds bloggers who break down themselves and who break down their blogs. Why break down what you easily build simply by learning how to shift your focus frequently? Observe success building around you. Pay close attention to how success flows to you via:

  • blog posts published
  • guest posts published
  • blog comments published
  • increased blog traffic
  • increased blogging profits

Spot increase. Note expansion. Build your blogging success by seeing gain. Never see loss. Only see gain. Learn the secret of developing a strong blogging mind. Seeing gain allows you to feel abundant. Feeling abundant allows you to build more blogging success through your generous:

  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • actions

Blogging is simple always but uncomfortable sometimes because creating and connecting is simple but shifting your focus from fear-loss to love-gain feels uncomfortable from time to time. Face, feel and release illusory fears. Stop picking out your faults. Stop picking yourself apart. Stop judging yourself harshly. No one needs break-down energies because building promotes blogging success while breaking down promotes blogging failure.

Build yourself up. Build your blog up. Everything changes as you increase every decrease. Train your mind to think gain. Train your mind to think abundantly. Perhaps seeing gain versus loss feels uncomfortable at first. Most seem trained to think loss, poverty, scarcity and fear. But shifting your mind – albeit uncomfortable at first – is well worth the inner effort. Blogging success will flow to you with increasing ease as you see gain. Blogging struggle will move away from you as you exit a loss consciousness. Everything hinges on your consciousness.

Build, build then build some more. Note how success expands in your experience. Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes but seems easier if you focus on gain over loss. Seeing increase allows you to build on your increasing blogging success.

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