Do You Have a Successful Blogging Mindset?

Blogging is an inside-out game.

As I share in my blogging course and eBooks, how you feel dictates if you succeed or not with blogging. Feelings mean everything. How you feel dictates how you act and how you act determines the success or failure you experience through your blog. In order to succeed, you need to feel successful. In order to feel successful, you need to cultivate this energy in your being. Nobody can force you to feel successful and nobody can instill success in you. Your choice is to simply be successful as an energetic decision, a blanket deciding to BE success, even if the journey feels terribly uncomfortable.

Developing a successful blogging mindset requires patience, persistence and a willingness to face fears because doing so forces you into uncomfortable, scary emotions. I previously thought as a failure, 10 years ago, as a newbie blogger. I had been conditioned to believe I would fail. Success seemed not only improbable but impossible. I harbored quite a negative mindset but knew deep down that focusing heavily on changing my thinking from a failure mindset to success mindset would change my course in life. I had to do the inner work to experience outer success. No way around that one. But doing inner work changed my life dramatically because the more I rooted out deep fears, I realized how thinking and feeling genuinely successful makes the work part of blogging easier and easier. You do not need so much to work hard, but to generously help people and to trust in the blogging process.

Developing a successful blogging mindset allows you to see this. But if you think like a failure, you can never see this.

How to Develop a Winning Blogging Mindset

Patiently, persistently and diligently spend more time in quiet. Observe your honest feelings about blogging. Do you secretly – or not so secretly – believe you will fail? If so, you are forever doomed because you cannot succeed while feeling like you are a failure. You cannot stand tall when you slouch from a shy, retiring energy. You cannot be bold when feeling meek and weak. Do you see how you cannot be successful while feeling like an abject failure?

Sitting with these fears, feeling fears and releasing fears lets you begin to think more like a blogging success. Abundance begins to take hold of your being. Expect to make more uncomfortable decisions, too. I suggest you surround yourself only with success-conscious, abundant, compassionate bloggers. These folks teach you to stay on the straight and narrow, blogging-wise, goading you to think, feel and act like successes, versus sprinting back into your comfort zone of blogging failure.

Nobody thinks like a successful blogger by surrounding themselves with bloggers who feel like failures because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Failing bloggers provide an attention suck – not unlike energy vampires – where successful bloggers do the opposite, fueling you for your inspired, top shelf, successful blogging journey. Lose the complainers, and whiners, the failing bloggers who act like energetic zeroes. Hang with grateful, successful bloggers, the energetic heroes of the world. These folks point you in the proper direction on your mental blogging journey.

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  1. Faizan Tahir says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Another motivational article, as always! I have been reading the book “The Power of your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. According to him, Your subconscious mind has the power to make you a winner or a failure. When you have a positive mindset, then everything will be positive around you. So, always be happy and positive in your life makes you a successful person. Great Work!