Do You Look to Too Many Sources for Blogging Research?

Life is a rich banquet of opportunities. Think abundance. Seize and use to both serve and to prosper, too. Be generous with people. Folks will be generous with you. Simple equation all wise masters – and experienced bloggers – have taught us for a bit of time. Give. Receive.

But if you gorge on too much opportunity at once, you will get sick. Feel grateful for opportunities but do not piggishly try to gobble up too many opportunities too quickly. For example, looking to too many sources of blogging research leads to information overload. Information overload leads to a confusing, overwhelming experience of blogging research cross currents.

Picture learning from me how building a list and driving Google traffic are not critical components of becoming a pro blogger. But one other pro blogger claims you NEED Google traffic and a big list to go pro. But another pro blogger claims guest posting is the key to pro blogging success. Yet another blogger guarantees that investing $10,000 in a paid marketing campaign allows you to go pro. Yet another bloggers advises that engaging in a genuine blog commenting campaign is the sole way to to make friends.

At the end of your research campaign, seeking knowledge from 10 different pro blogging sources may lead to 10 different schools of thought, 10 different strategies and 10 different ways to succeed. Where in the heck do you begin? One blogger says list building is vital to your blogging success but another blogger says building an email list is not important at all. Who do you trust? Where do you turn to? How do you choose one blogger over 9 other bloggers?

The only sane answer is to STOP turning to too many sources of research. Stop creating confusing blogging cross currents of knowledge. Pros go pro using different methods. Working different methods generously yields blogging success for different bloggers.

Pick 1-3 pro bloggers you vibe with. Follow their teaching but trust your gut. Each of the 3 pro bloggers may not agree on list building or driving Google traffic but fielding 3 different schools of thought allows you to look inward. Get a bit of research then trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Honor your hunches. I felt list building and SEO-optimizing did not feel fun, freeing and liberating to me. Knowing this, I felt an intuitive pull away from this advice offered by a few gurus, toward advice offered by another guru. I felt a hunch. I honored the hunch. But I also fielded research from a select few, pro bloggers whose teaching vibed with my delivery.

Stop searching far and wide for blogging information from 10 or 20 sources. Cut down your research. Pare down options to a select few in order to dissolve confusing blogging cross currents. If you dig my teaching style, follow that style. Do not follow my teachings blindly; run my techniques through your intuitive filter. Allow your inner pull to guide you. Trust your gut. But at least scan through teachings from a select few mentors to gain a better understanding of what it takes to become a professional blogger.

Never allow your greed for blogging information to consume you because your over-reaching research leads to analysis paralysis, along with confusing blogging cross currents. Ultimately, the answer to your blogging success sits within you. Gain a tiny bit of book smarts but gain a bunch of street smarts by putting your blogging advice into action, quickly.


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