Do You Need More Blogging Skills or More Courage?

I read a sensational post by Seth Godin a few moments ago

The limits of technique

He sums up the problem I see with many skilled, seasoned bloggers who struggle to see any results. Most bloggers have low self-worth. They may be skilled but see themselves as failures. You cannot out trick your subconscious mind. Do you really need more blogging skills? Or do you need blogging courage? Be honest with yourself. This one really screwed me up for a long time. I felt I needed more skills to succeed. Turns out, I was not facing, feeling and releasing fears that would move me into different blogging activities that would promote my success.

Do you want to know something crazy? I only began promoting my 124 ebooks effectively about three to four months ago. Doesn’t that sound nuts? Save the ebook I released yesterday, I have not written and published an ebook in a few years at least. Yet I just began promoting the ebooks all the time and seeing an increased sales spike three to four months ago. Why? I feared to promote ebooks all the time for a number of reasons. The reasons and fears do not matter but feeling the fear and releasing the fears mattered deeply. I did not need more skills to promote ebooks. I have all the writing, blogging and marketing skills anyone would need. I have been blogging for 30,000 hours. I know my stuff.

But I couldn’t access those skills and use them for my benefit and your benefit until I unearthed, faced and felt the fears regarding my ebooks and promotion and sales. I felt the fears. This felt unpleasant. Nobody loves to experience the emotion of fear. But on the other side of fear, I began promoting ebooks through every guest post and blog post and video and podcast I created. Instantly more people began buying my e-books. Courage was the answer. Clarity was the answer. Facing fear was the answer. I didn’t need any more blogging skills. Most bloggers do not need more skills. Most bloggers need more courage.

If you need to increase your courage, buy my eBook:

6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears

10 years ago, I was a new blogger. I had no idea what blogging was about. I did remember reading a blog whose owner did not write super well. Maybe English was his second language and he barely practiced writing. But he also made six figures a year, which confused me. How did he make big bucks even if he didn’t have super writing skills? He had courage. He did not fear being criticized. He had some skills, he created some value, and because he had the courage to network and promote himself he built a large, loyal blogger friend network. If you become more fearless by showing more courage you will make a lot of money through your blog. This truth is simple to understand but uncomfortable and quite scary to put into action. Again, nobody likes facing, feeling and experiencing deep fears. But money and success and freedom and greater happiness and fulfillment sit on the other side of fear.

I see highly talented, even semi-connected bloggers go broke. They need more courage. Or more accurately, they need to dive into fear more regularly. Skills are not the problem. Connections aren’t even the problem in some cases. But fear is the problem. You could even be not too skilled and make an absolute fortune if you are more fearless and incredibly courageous. I’ve seen this happen many times in business in life.

Stop trying to build your skill-set. You are enough. Your skills are enough. But you need to show more blogging courage by sprinting out of your comfort zone, by trusting in the process and by helping more people generously. Gain the exposure you need by displaying the courage you have, to become a successful blogger.

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