Do You Think Like a Blogger or Worker?


I may have caught you there.

Sometimes, bloggers think like workers. Some bloggers think like employees all the time. Most bloggers expect to see money after working hard all day long. You know what I mean. Work hard for 8 hours, check metrics, demand ad revenue, and eBook revenue and all types of revenue based on your 8 hours of work. This is living in employee mode. This is thinking like a worker. Like, work for 8 hours and get a paycheck based on those 8 hours. Or get a paycheck every Thursday because you are a salaried employee.

Employee Thinking Lapse

I observed 2 income streams of mine over the past few hours. Noting daily earnings, I began tabulating, projecting, based on the day, monthly calculations in mind. I began forecasting before I caught myself. I am a blogging entrepreneur. I am not an employee any longer. I am not a worker. I do not make a set income per hour, per day, per week or per year. On catching myself I simply laughed, relaxed, felt grateful for the blogging income and moved forward to help people.

In my eBook 12 Tips to Sprint from Employee to Entrepreneur, I explain how to renew your mind. Bloggers who think as employees fail miserably because if you expect weekly paychecks for a set amount, you are doomed. How far will you get if you wait around for a boss to tell you what to do with your blog? Nowhere, because you have no boss, save yourself. What about a blogging manager to delegate tasks? That is your gig; you are the manager. No benefits or annual salaries here; if you crave each, quit blogging and get a job.

Why would you blog, then? Doesn’t it seem like a massive level of work and responsibility?


I am writing these words from the beautiful Gold Coast of Connecticut, one of the wealthiest areas of the United States. Billionaires dot the area, with celebrity actors like Tom Cruise, Anne Hathaway and WWE founder Vince McMahon living in surrounding towns. I get to work here for about 3 weeks. Then I am off to Brooklyn, NYC for 15 days, a beautiful borough in the city.

I work when I want to. I work where I want to. I set my rules. THIS is why I love blogging. This is why I love being an entrepreneur. But I had to think like an entrepreneur to become a successful blogger and enjoy this level of freedom. Most importantly, I had to be straight with myself and admit I thought like a worker for many years of my blogging career, to own that tendency. I failed because I tried to blog like an entrepreneur while worrying about making money every day, being lazy, waiting around for someone to motivate me and having no vision for my dream life. Everything became a nightmare until I changed my thinking and I only changed my thinking by being honest with myself.

Think Like a Blogger

Start a blog and do the blogging for fun and freedom. Be generous. Nobody pays you for every minute of blogging work you do. Nobody pays you per blog post, per video or per podcast. But writing, video marketing, and podcasting increase your skills and exposure. Money is on the way, folks. But you need to think like an entrepreneur to better tap into blogging income and traffic increases and more importantly, you need to leave your worker-employee thoughts behind.

I think you are up to it.

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