Frame blogging Success Over Long Term Totals Not Short Term Fluctuations

Imagine buying your domain and hosting today.

Write and publish your first blog post. Promote the post. Begin networking generously and genuinely.

Do not pay any mind to short term blogging fluctuations because traffic numbers change quite a bit day to day as a new blogger. 1 person visits your blog after writing and publishing your first blog post. No one visits your blog on day 2. 4 people visit your blog on day 3. 1 person visits your blog on day 4. After the following 3 days, 22 people visit your blog after 7 days. But judging your blogging campaign on a day to day basis is madness. Daily changes move up, down, sideways, forwards and backwards. Life is change on a micro scale.

One day, blogging seems to harbor massive potential. 30 people visit your blog  on Monday during week #2 of your blogging career. Woohoo! 2 people visit your blog on Tuesday. Do you see past day to day fluctuations? You better; or else you will wind up like struggling bloggers – most struggle – who celebrate wildly one day and become utterly hopeless the following day. Wise, balanced bloggers remain even-keeled on a day to day basis. Who cares if 30 people visit your blog today? Who cares if 2 people visit your blog tomorrow? Month to month and year to year trends matter most. 

Blogging the right way – generously, patiently and persistently – adds up to stunning blogging success over years. While mad bloggers ride a rollercoaster of wild emotions by obsessing over day to day metrics fluctuations, wise, balanced, experienced bloggers note 1500 people visiting their blog over their first month online. The same bloggers note 20,000 people visiting their blog over their first year online. Small, steady gains add up to something special over the long haul.

Develop a vision for your blogging career to see past day to day changes with your blogging campaign. Seeing your dreams in vivid detail influences you to adopt a long term approach with your blogging campaign. See the journey through. Be patient. Be persistent. See big time blogging success. Look past the day to day changes crippling most bloggers into struggles, failure and quitting.

Frame blogging success over long term, cumulative totals versus short term, sometimes wild, fluctuations. Stop judging yourself so much. Stop judging your results so much. Be patient. Be persistent. Be generous. See the blogging journey through. Get lost in the blogging process. Do not focus on blogging outcomes. This is why you need to love blogging. This is why you want to blog mainly for fun. Make the work the reward and you will not get caught up in small, day to day changes with your blogging results.

Traffic and profits do jump high and drop on a day to day basis. But year over year, traffic and profits increase on a cumulative basis. After 5 years, your traffic and profits grow into something special if you blog the right way for an extended period of time. Blogging the right way for years means completely ignoring day to day changes because no one sees the big picture while focusing on blogging small potatoes. Blogging small potatoes distract you from the blogging big picture. I could care less about my traffic dropping or rising day over day or week over week. I could care less about month to month variations. I enjoy being free. I enjoy helping people. I love the blogging process.

Play the blogging long game by having a vision.

Day to day changes matter little but generously helping people for a long time means everything with your blogging campaign.


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