Ryan Biddulph Speaks: How to Do a Guest Posting Blitz

The following is a guest post by Ryan Biddulph from Bloggingfromparadise.com.

Guest posting does wonder for increasing your blogging exposure, traffic, and profits. Going on a guest posting blitz yields even more sugary sweet benefits.

What do I mean? Simple; you patiently, calmly and confidently write and submit a high volume of posts in a set period of time. If you feel really chill and relaxed you can put on a blitz for a sustained period of time lasting into weeks. Your choice.

Most bloggers feel intimidated to guest post. Some fear rejection. Others fear wasting their time. Others prefer to blog only on their site, being a bit drunk on ego. I enjoy guest posting from prolific energy because leveraging is my favorite way to reach large groups of readers in a minimal amount of time.

I have written, submitted and placed around 2,000 guest posts during my blogging career on a wide range of blogs, from new blogs with no readers to blogs with a 1 million-member community. My guest posts have helped me to be featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Virgin, Neil Patel Dot Com, John Chow Dot Com, Pro Blogger, Smart Blogger, and Blogging Tips Dot Com.

Doing a guest posting blitz helps you reach a huge group of targeted readers quickly. As you can imagine, reaching such a reader base helps you gain exposure and increase your blog traffic, as well as boost your blogging profits.

How Can You Put On A Massive Guest Posting Blitz?

Follow these tips.

1: Write 500-1000 Words Daily Offline

Write offline in a Word document to gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice. Clear, confident bloggers land guest posts easily. Unskilled bloggers rarely if ever land guest posts.

Many bloggers who choose to pitch fellow bloggers often get rejected because they do have not the skills to land guest posts regularly. Hone your skills. Perfect your craft. Write 500-1000 words daily offline to land opportunities on the regular.

2: Build Your Friend Network

I recently asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook if they wanted me to write guest posts for them. I immediately received a slew of responses from happy bloggers excited to get a guest post from me.

Sure I can write skillfully, but I also have a large, loyal friend network of bloggers surrounding me. Why? I patiently and generously commented on blogs, promoted bloggers on my blog and promoted bloggers on social media. I asked for nothing in return. Many folks befriended me.

Since I write well and my loving friends gratefully accepted my invitation, I have been able to put on a guest posting blitz without pitching a single person. If you make friends, all sweet opportunities flow to you. Neat, right?

Editor’s Note: How to find guest posting opportunities like a pro

3: Set Aside Writing Time

I like writing in short, sweet pockets of 20-40 minutes per 600-1000 word post. Writing practice pays off because being able to write a 600-word post in 20 minutes makes it easy to write 5-10 guest posts daily, to satiate your blitz.

Set aside guest post writing time daily. Consider establishing morning and evening blocks. Do not write outside of these blocks because you lose your mojo. Give all of your attention and energy to writing to allow words to flow more smoothly from mind to fingers, to keyboard, to the laptop screen.

4: Target

When I made the offer to write guest posts, I specifically noted I would write blogging tips posts to target people who would read the post. I run a blogging tips blog at Blogging From Paradise so it makes sense to write blogging tips post geared toward blogging tips readers.

Virtually all bloggers who took me up on my offer run blogging themed blogs or a blog in similar niches. Works for me. Smart targeting.

Target intelligently to get the most out of your guest posting blitz.

Even if you write and submit guest posts to bloggers outside of your blogging niche it makes sense to submit only posts aligned fully with your niche. Do not bother writing off-topic because you do not want to attract uninterested readers to your blog. The world loves specialists. Generalists? Not so much. Be willing to target and specialize to see the greatest amount of blogging success with your guest posting campaign.

5: Submit Only 600-1000 Word Posts

Imagine trying to put out a guest posting blitz of 5,000-word posts? Are you kidding me? One blog post does not cut it. Nor does 5 blog posts, for a stretch of 2-3 weeks. Write only 600-1000 word valuable, smart, inspired posts to do a proper blitz.

Aim for writing 2-5 guest posts daily, at a minimum. At week’s end, you have up to 35 posts written, submitted, and circulating online within a few hours, days or weeks.

Be short and sweet. No filler allowed. Be brief, to make the greatest impact. Almost all bloggers can be more economical with their word count. Setting a 600-1000 word count max helps you hold hard and fast to the rule of making an impact in as few words as possible.

Besides; as mobile usage increases and dominates user experience, nobody will want to read a 2000 word or longer post on their phones. People continue to trend toward watching videos – live and broadcast – to get their content. Blogging is not going anywhere but the genuinely long-form, pillar style, 4,000 word, and longer posts, will go the way of the dinosaur as people consume 100% of their content on small phone screens.

You Can Do It

Believe in yourself. Believe in your writing ability.

Deciding to go on a guest posting blitz may test your confidence by uncovering your doubts.  Carry on.

I have pitched only 2 people during my entire blogging career. One opportunity was writing for the 1 million-member Positively Positive Community, where I am a regular contributor alongside Mark Cuban and Seth Godin. Every other opportunity flowed to me.

Enjoy your guest posting blitz.

You can do this!

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  1. Nikola Roza says:

    Yo Ryan,
    great post, as always.
    I agree that newbie bloggers have that stingy mentality when it comes to guest blogging. I had it too and I remember thinking, “what! I can barley write for my site. Why should I write for someone else”?
    Luckily, I got over it.
    Guest posting is a great step forward to success.
    As for content length, I have to disagree with you.
    For blogging tips, it is acceptable to write shorter posts that can be read on mobile.
    But imagine if someone searches for “ultimate guide to X”.
    First, they would never search for it on mobile, because they know they’ll have to read a lot, and who’s comfortable reading on a tiny screen?
    Second, they’d expect 3000+ of meaty content or else they’ll bounce.
    They want the ultimate stuff.