Have You Owned Your Blogging Failure?

For a number of years I was a complete moron online. I own this. But during those years I did not own I was a complete and utter blogging fool. Naturally, I struggled horribly because I blamed people, circumstances and bad luck and everything else for my failure and I never completely owned that I was the root cause of every single blogging failure I experienced.

Eventually, I stopped being a complete dope. I owned my failure. Every struggle and failure I experienced with blogging was 100% the effect of my energy cause. Or, I failed online because my energy was a perfect match for failure. I vibed mainly from an energy of fear. This fear mirror back to me as little money and little traffic through my blog. Perfect reflection. But until I owned that I was the cause of my failure I blamed people and circumstances and luck and my childhood and all other reasons for my failure and naturally, these people and circumstances imprisoned me because I gave my power to the people and circumstances. I eventually changed my tune. I owned my failure. On owning my failure I could be free of people and circumstances and change my course. If I chose to fail I could choose to succeed. Cool! How fun and freeing!

I change the blogging course and never looked back.

Have you owned your blogging failure? Or do you blame people or circumstances or the economy or your government for your blogging failure? If you blame anything or anyone outside of yourself for your blogging struggles you will forever be imprisoned by people and circumstances because you lend them your power. I see this as the greatest tragedy of life.

You have this blessed Power of Choice yet you forfeit the power by handing your power to people and circumstances. Insane. Own your blogging failure. Know that your energy causes everything. Be free of the insidious habit of blame. Face your fears and feel your fears. Proceed from a more abundant, generous and trusting energy for greater blogging success and you will live your dreams through blogging. I guarantee it. The only reason why you are not living your dreams through blogging is that you have not persistently owned your failure and you are not moving in a generous, trusting direction that comes with owning your life. Don’t worry. I know you’re on the way.

How to Do it?

Easy. Tell yourself right now that all of your blogging traffic and income struggles are 100% rooted in your energy. You vibe mainly fear and poverty and scarcity so of course, you will see little or no money and little or no traffic flow through your blog. Own this. Even if your ego fights you, feel your fears and clear the fears. Feeling your fears may feel unpleasant but just do it. Definitely worth living your dreams.

After you own your failure you can own your success by learning how to blog from pros, by practicing your writing, by creating and connecting generously, by opening multiple streams of income and by trusting in yourself and by trusting in the blogging process. Taking these steps to get easier and easier if you own everything that happens and make freeing but sometimes uncomfortable choices. The choices you make now move you away from failure towards greater success, fun, and freedom if you make freeing, generous and trusting decisions that sometimes feel really scary. I am not beyond feeling scared when I make certain blogging choices but I move forward versus turning around. That’s the difference between me and most bloggers. I feel uncomfortable and do it anyway.

Own your life. Owning your life is the key to blogging freedom.


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  1. Nikola Roza says:

    So true Ryan, before succeeding one must have a moment of clarity; a moment where one realizes that whether they succeed or fail- it is their choice.
    But they have to choose and accept everything that comes with that choice.
    It’s matter of growing up and accepting responsibility;
    at least that’s how I see it…