Play around with the emotions arising the moment you think about monetizing your blog.

A fair number of bloggers sit on the cyber sidelines as far as making money through blogging. Various fears dance around in their minds. Some bloggers fear losing readers after monetizing their blogs. Other bloggers fear no one will buy their stuff anyway. Yet other bloggers resist monetizing for energies like shame arising in their beings.

At the end of the day, either you monetize to profit or resist monetizing to never profit. No one needs to feel ashamed about being an amateur blogger. But you delude yourself if you intend to be a pro blogger who fears monetizing your blog. Pros go pro by accepting money for their products, services and advertising revenue. Pros only go pro by opening income streams through their blogs. Do you feel awkward about opening blogging income channels? Do you feel uncomfortable embedding ads on your blog for the first time? Do you feel funny embedding affiliate ads on your blog?

Some bloggers apologize for making money through their affiliate income disclosures. Pay close attention to the energy, wording and overall feel of most affiliate disclosures. Note how bloggers attempt to justify making money through affiliate channels by explaining they will only make enough money to buy a cup of coffee, with no extra expense to the reader who becomes an affiliate customer. Are you kidding me? Do you adopt the same attitude when you pick up your paycheck every Thursday at your 9-5 job? Do you explain to your employer that you all but apologize for accepting a paycheck but hopefully, for their troubles experienced in paying you, that the amount they pay you should be as low as possible, benefiting them?

Do you see why most bloggers struggle to monetize their blogs effectively? Most feel deep fear regarding receiving money through their blogging efforts. The majority of bloggers have zero interest in wading through these money fears. Resisting the fears feels easier. Burying the fears seems more comfortable. But no one goes pro by refusing to monetize their blogs. All begins with observing how you feel as the topic of monetizing arises.

So… do you feel about monetizing your blog? Be honest about your feelings. Sit with these emotions. Pay close attention to any fears, doubts, anxieties, awkwardness, embarrassment or any lower energy amounting to a general heaviness, arising in your being. Be with these emotions. Feel fear. Feeling uncomfortable emotions arising concerning making money through your blog ain’t a picnic but these feelings need to go in order to become a thriving, pro blogger. Heck; these emotions need to go if you plan to monetize your blog in the first place.

Be at peace with feeling monetizing discomfort. Remind yourself that is just money. It is only money. People spend money for stuff all day long, all around the world. Let go readers who let go your blog because you monetize your blog. I had and have zero issues letting go readers who do not follow my blog anymore because I promote my business. Would I befriend someone or stop trusting their advice because their employer offers them a paycheck? Would I have a problem with someone accepting a paycheck in the first place?

Every human being has the right to receive money for valued services rendered, including bloggers. Stop judging yourself for monetizing your blog. Stop fearing what readers may do – aka criticize you or cease following your blog – if you monetize your blog. Feel whatever arises as you ponder adding income streams to your site then go ahead and add income channels. Do it! Prosper.

Why not be as generous with yourself as you are with your readers? You likely helped readers with free, valuable content for years. Now you get to make money through income channels via your blog. Give. Receive. Be generous. Be generous with yourself.


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