How Do You Genuinely Feel About Your Blog?

Do you feel awesome about your blog? Truthfully? Do you feel really good, clear, confident and flat out trusting about your blogging effort? Fabulous. You will have zero issues finding buyers online (click to buy my eBook). You are well on your way. Feels awesome, eh? You bet it does. But maybe you feel bad about your blog. Does that seem to fit you right now? Feeling down in the dumps, depressed that nobody reads your blog, annoyed that money cannot seem to find you through your blog? Believe it or not, this is a good thing, too, because owning genuinely bad feelings is the first step in clearing these feelings. Clearing the feelings helps you maintain a new, fun, freeing, good-feeling vibe, said good vibe leading to good-feeling actions and good blogging results.

Nobody succeeds online by lying to themselves. Most bloggers lie to themselves, burying their blogging depression under a false veneer of spiritless, manufactured, positivity. Ouch. You cannot get over or through bad feelings still inside of you. Please re-read that line to better understand the secret of peace, happiness, joy and online success. Nobody feels good and succeeds until they face, own, feel and release bad feelings they cling to, regarding their blogging campaign. I had to face, feel and release bad feelings to experience greater blogging success. You, my Young Blogging Padawans, will need to do the same. Why? Everybody needs to feel and clear bad-feeling ideas concerning your blog to remove the bad-feeling results. But, removing the bad feelings and bad results leaves mostly good vibes, and those amazing feelings inspire you to help folks, to trust, to feel detached and yes, you will experience greater traffic and profits by adopting a good feeling approach. Feeling good eventually leads to good feeling results. Aka, sweet blogging success.

Do you want to feel really, really good about your blogging career? Heck yeah, you do. So in order to feel really, really good, ask yourself how you feel about blogging right now. How do you honestly and genuinely feel about your blog? Allow any sadness, anger, depression or hopelessness to arise, to bubble up because most bloggers harbor these bad feelings because most bloggers struggle. Heck; even I have my doubts, and I have blogged for over a decade, circling the globe through this amazing medium, and enjoying the ride, mostly. Let bad feelings masked as fear and paid, arise. Cry. Get pissed off. Be upset. Slowly and steadily release these bad-feeling emotions. Do you feel better already? I know you do. Every blogger feels better after fear-purging sessions because releasing the bad allows room for the good to expand in your being.

Feeling better? Good! Now it’s time to do what successful bloggers do: have fun helping people by creating content and by building connections. Trust in the blogging process. In time, trusting in the blogging process and trusting in yourself, success finds you through your multiple streams of income. Be generous, now that you no longer feel weighed down by fear-pain aka bad emotions. Be abundant, no longer being anchored down by an obsession with self-service. Serve people generously. Everything changed the split second you shared your honest feelings concerning your blog. Nobody succeeds until they face and feel fears fueling their failure.

Being straight with yourself is hands down the quickest way to cut through the struggle and to feel largely better about your blog. Be honest. Feel whatever is there. Even if it feels bad in moments to embrace your fear-pain, these moments pass quickly and a new, good-feeling, abundant, trusting, generous vibe begins to slowly invade your being. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

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