How Do You Respond to Blogging Fears?

3 years ago I feared guest posting on top blogs.

I recall being invited to guest post on a high-level blog and almost convincing myself out of the opportunity. Ditto for my most lucrative freelance writing client. Across the board, most if not all blogging breakthroughs occurred because I nudged into fears, felt fears and proceeded into profits. Simple as that.

But goodness; nudging into fear feels highly uncomfortable sometimes. Most bloggers respond to fear by avoiding fear. I respect their decision but know all blogging struggles ensue because you do not face, feel and release fear.

How do you respond to blogging fears? Do you turn around? Or do you nudge forward? Do you surrender to your fear of doing live videos? Do you give in to fear and choose not to pitch the top blogger a guest post opportunity? Do you react to blogging fears in anger? Earlier today, someone reacted to me in anger because he is afraid. I released him with no contempt, fight or annoyance because I do not fear him or his anger. I know; I used to react like he did when I had a poor relationship with fear. Now I nudge out of my comfort zone regularly so I handle fear better than old school me.

Paging through my fear conquering eBook, I remembered all the uncomfortable situations I had circling the globe. I had such a fun time in Bangalore – a beautiful city, Mudassir – and then had to face perhaps my deepest fear ever near the end of the trip, and as I bused to Muhamma. I faced the fear of death. I consumed some salad dressing a bit too warm. My fault. But versus the traditional 2-3 days of food poisoning, I contracted giardia, became dangerously dehydrated and had to be rushed to the hospital for crucial fluids.

Thank goodness I faced that deep fear of death. I never would be as clear, bold and willing to nudge into lesser fears daily unless I faced the fear of death and its terrifying prospects.

Be Straight

Be straight with yourself. Be honest about how you respond to blogging fears.

If you avoid blogging fears, admit it. Decide to nudge into blogging fears. If you react to blogging fears in anger, fighting critics and assailing non paying clients, admit it. Respond with clarity and compassion, going forward. Blogging gets easier and easier if you are fully honest about your relationship with fear.

Even though nudging into fear and feeling fear is unpleasant sometimes, the bigger traffic and profits on the other side of fear make discomfort worth it. I feared the guest posting many years ago. But feeling the fear and beginning to guest post helped me write and place over 1000 guest posts. 1000 guest posts have helped grow my traffic and profits nicely, thank you.

Do not turn around. Do not delay facing fear. Allow your love of blogging to pull you through fear. Allow your love of freedom to anchor you while you face fear. Blog your fun, right into your deepest blogging fears. Success meets you on the other side of blogging fear if you honestly own the fact that you have been largely evading fear.

But if you nudge into fear genuinely, good on you. Blogging success will continue to expand in your experience.

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