How Easily Do You Surrender to Blogging Distractions?

Blogging challenges even the most stout bloggers, from time to time. But way too many bloggers find distractions pulling them in every direction. Some seem distracted by virtually anything, from YouTube, to Hulu, to Amazon Prime to their phone. Why choose distractions over the fun and freedom blogging affords you? Easy; for bloggers who seem easily distracted, blogging is a mindless exploit, a hobby, nothing special.

People choose distractions over mindless, worthless hobbies. Seeing blogging as a thing to do in your spare time places blogging deep on your list of values. People make time for what people value. Making time for Hulu over blogging means you value a little entertainment over a lifetime channel of fun, freedom and fulfillment. Everything depends on how you frame blogging. All seems to be based on how you choose to see blogging.

Develop a vision for your blogging campaign. Pick a fun, freeing driver to build a decent chunk of your day around blogging versus choosing distractions over blogging. I get my blogging work done THEN watch streaming on Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix.

I get my work done first because I value freedom over all else. Streaming video has its place but only as a little bit of relaxing entertainment, before I hit the sack at night. I do not value relaxing entertainment over fun, freedom, fulfillment and circling the globe. I value freedom over all else.

Follow my lead. Value freedom more than anything else. No one who values freedom gets easily distracted because bloggers who value freedom over all else dissolve distractions effortlessly, seamlessly and from a clear energy. I shut my phone off after meditating for the evening. I turn the phone back on roughly 15 hours later, during my morning meditation session. I shut the phone off again until evening.

No distractions. I do not log in to streaming video via internet TV until later in the evening, well after I complete my blogging work for the day.

Why in the heck would someone who values freedom choose distractions to forfeit my life of freedom? Being free to circle the globe beats mindlessly staring at my phone with glazed eyes. Running a professional blogging business beats watching Hulu after I wake up. Distractions are borne of an unclear, scared, non-focused mind, dripping with fear. Bloggers who dissolve distractions have a clear, fun, freeing intent rarely if ever get distracted because clear bloggers choose freedom over mindless, energy-sapping distractions.

Pay close attention to how easily you choose distractions over blogging. Do you get easily distracted by your phone? Why? Why do you spend 3 hours on YouTube versus blogging for 3 hours? Change your values to change your life. Watching YouTube for 3 hours when you claim to have no time for blogging indicates you value being bound over being free. Being bound means you value fear and comfort and distractions over being liberated, free and fulfilled.

Remember why you blog. Make blogging no hobby. Never frame blogging as a mindless exploit to explore in your spare time. Becoming a professional blogger adds immense fun, freedom and fulfillment to your life. Build a vision for your dream life. See blogging as a fun, freeing way to work from home, to spend time with your family. Make blogging a way to experience the sweet freedom of circling the globe. Everything changes the moment you value fun and freedom over all else.


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  1. Nikola Roza says:

    Great advice here, Ryan. What we dedicate our time on tell what we’re committed to.
    I used to have this problem but with conscious effort I managed to eliminate most of the stuff that was distracting me from success.

    1. Ryan Biddulph says:

      Nikola, I can see that brother. Great job.