How Often Do You Surrender with Your Blogging Campaign?

Do your blogging work. Let go. Let the process take over. Trust in your content. Trust in your blogging abilities. Put in the blogging work. Then, get a life. I walked for 90 minutes in 23 F temperatures. Wind gusts make the temperature feel like 4 F. Cold. REALLY cold. But surrendering by exercising, doing yoga and meditating for hours daily allows my blogging work to gain passive steam, via its own steam. As an added bonus, walking in nature with a wind chill of 4 F means walking solo. No one appeared to be at the park. No one being at the park allowed wildlife to feel confident enough to be seen.

At twilight, I saw a majestic bald eagle soar over the canal to roost for the evening. I also observed a fox jogging across razor-thin ice on the canal, back and forth. What pleasant treats. But I also had to surrender to bitter-cold temperatures to enjoy a solo walk and ample wildlife.

Blogging is similar. Becoming successful involves putting in ample work. Working diligently nudges you outside of your comfort zone. But after putting in work, surrendering to allow your content to ride on its own steam feels equally or even more uncomfortable for most bloggers. Bloggers generally doubt their work. Doubting your work means feeling as if you and your blogging work are not good enough. Feeling like your work is not good enough compels you to work extra hard and long to increase your exposure freely, believing your content cannot grow by its own merit. However, believing deeply in yourself and in your work gives you clarity in allowing your content to do what it does, based on your merit.

Imagine publishing a helpful blog post. Promote the post to your list. Promote the blog post to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers. Allow:

  • the quality of the content
  • your blogging skills

to influence readers to promote your content across multiple channels, to buy your stuff passively and to hire you. Allow your content and connections to grow your blogging business on the merit of your work. Let your skills influence readers to promote your blog while you sleep or enjoy time offline, with your family.

Blogging becomes easier if you surrender to let your content grow on its own merit. Blogging becomes tougher if you micro-manage your blogging campaign. Working 14 hour days by micro-managing leads to burn out eventually. No human burns the candle at both ends for months or years. Burning the candle at both ends by micro-managing also indicates how you doubt your work.

Add passive elements to your blogging campaign. Skilled bloggers who publish beneficial content inspire readers to promote the content around the clock, whether or not the bloggers find themselves online for 14 hour days or for 8 hour days. Build your blogging posture. Stop doubting your content.

Allow your content to promote itself through its value, while you enjoy a rich life offline. I observed the beautiful bald eagle soaring over the canal and the ninja-like fox soft-stepping on thin canal ice because I surrendered my blogging campaign for a few hours to exercise. Life becomes freeing if you spend time offline to enjoy the liberating aspects of blogging. But surrendering your work is a key step in increasing your time offline.

How often do you surrender your blogging work to enjoy life offline? Believe in yourself. Believe in your blogging skills. Believe in the value of your blog content. Allow your creations and connections to grow your blogging business via your blogging merit.

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