How Quickly Do You Allow Other’s Blogging Fears to Influence You?

I do not follow the news but noted on Twitter trending topics how the news in the US seems to be grabbing the attention of scared people today. Scared people scare scared people. But the only problem fueling everything is fear in the minds of scared people who refuse to face their fears. No sane human being blames another for planting fear in their mind because wise people know; fear is an inner game.

As mass news fear appears to be spreading like a wildfire, I think about blogging fears often spreading equally, in wild, rambunctious fashion. How about the last time Google updated its algorithms? How did most bloggers react after a massive loss of search traffic greeted a decent percentage of bloggers? For the most part, most humans do not meditate, do yoga or face their fears regularly. The end result involves being easily scared by other bloggers who feel scared by various aspects of their blogging campaign.

But if you face, feel and release your fears, every single day, blogging gets easier and easier. Of course, facing, feeling and releasing fears is the step to allow this to happen, and we all know facing, feeling and releasing fears feels quite uncomfortable. Feeling fear is the tax you pay to be more fear-free and being more fear-free allows you to not be affected at all by mass fear. Hey; I have no idea when Google algorithm updates go live. I have zero interest because I drive virtually zero Google traffic. I possess no fear related to losing Google traffic; why would I be scared to lose something if I barely have that thing?

Digging deeper, I faced, felt and released a multitude of blogging fears over my 12 years blogging, since 2008. That’s a lotta fear! I quickly realized how feeling fear seems unpleasant but being free of the fear-shackles causing mass blogging panic during Google updates, Facebook updates and various other niche news events is worth a few moments of feeling discomfort. Everything changed. I went about my little merry way by simply being uninfluenced by other blogger’s fears, not being resonant with the fears, panic and mass chaos afflicting scared, afraid, terrified bloggers.

Face your fears. Feel your fears. Release your fears. Carry on from a relaxed, abundant, peaceful energy. Being prolific becomes easier if you feel fears weighing you down. I write and publish 3 guest posts on most days because I carry not the yoke of fear that prevents me from writing and publishing 3 guest posts on most days. My blogging feet are not fixed in fear-concrete, preventing me from moving forward. I post, I publish, I create and I connect. Life feels easier because I do freeing but sometimes uncomfortable, scary things. No one moves forward being heavily burdened by fear. No one grows being afflicted by mass panic.

Fear is sneaky, insidious and sometimes obnoxious. In one moment, you feel fine. But 50,000 bloggers panicking over some industry update triggers your fears and scares the heck out of you. At that point, either you resist the fear to join the mass panic or face, feel and release the fear to exit mass panic, entering a calm, relaxed state of abundance, serenity and prosperity.

Everything depends on you and your willingness to face, feel and release your deepest fears.


Do you have a tough time facing, feeling and releasing your fears?

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