How Quickly Do You Surrender to Blogging Excuses?

Blogging excuses sap your blogging power. Why do you make blogging excuses? Why do you quickly surrender your power to blogging excuses? I write this guest post at a relative’s house. Even though the setup is hardly convenient, I happily get the job done. Why? I rarely if ever make blogging excuses. I care not to surrender my power of choice to a blogging excuse.

I write this guest post. In 5 hours I will return home, hop online and publish the guest post in my crib. Getting the job done means not cowering to any old blogging excuse.  Why do you make excuses? Why give up easily? Why mail it in without giving any thought to your blogging excuses? Ruthlessly analyze your excuses. Poke holes in these ridiculous assumptions. Obliterate these fear-fueled, invisible handcuffs.

I spent a good 3 hours playing with my niece today. Doll houses, dinosaur figures, and the whole 9 yards. I was a busy bee! But here I am making sure to write and publish this guest post before midnight because NOT setting the precedent of making excuses allows you to NOT make excuses in the future. Never, ever let yourself off of the blogging hook. Do not be easy on yourself as far as making excuses and readily surrendering to excuses. Never let yourself squirm into any excuse. Being straight with yourself feels highly uncomfortable but no other way exists if you want to be a professional blogger. Pros get the job done no matter what. But do not confuse working long and hard, mindlessly, forcefully, with doing uncomfortable, freeing stuff.

Pro bloggers spend 25 minutes to write and publish the 600 word guest post by staying up a little later than usual. But amateur bloggers often try to make quantum leaps by forcing themselves to do impossible stuff, trying to sprint before they can crawl, being completely deluded in their ridiculous expectations. Blast through the excuse that you cannot stay up 30 minutes late to write a guest post. Avoid doing the insane thing of trying to stay up until 6 AM to write and publish 5 guest posts; human beings need sleep! Plus until you practice writing for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours, you simply will not have the writing skills to write and publish 5 guest posts in 4-5 hours.

Challenge your blogging excuses one baby step at a time. Do not take quantum leaps; unless you plan to fall flat on your blogging face. I had to baby step my way to become the blogger I am today. Baby stepping my way through blogging excuses was a key step to develop the mindset of a pro blogger. I did not obliterate all excuses overnight. I had to ease my way through each mental block. I also had to release all folks around me – bloggers and otherwise – who did not empower me, by giving in to my excuses.

I recall being a newbie blogger who had just joined Twitter. I scanned the profile of a dude who lived in Phuket, Thailand. He was a Dutch trader. Anyway, I tweeted him saying I would visit Phuket some day. He replied with:

“Either you do, or you do not.”

Minus being Yoda-esque in his delivery, the man lived his dreams simply because he does not make excuses and he apparently does not accept excuses from folks whose paths he crosses, either. I felt a bit annoyed at the time but my little ego seemed brimming with fear at the time. Now I demand a no-excuse attitude of myself by default. I only surround myself with people who empower me and who never accept my rare excuses, too.


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