How to Be a Blogging Maniac

Being a maniac can either mean you are wildly violent or an obsessive enthusiast.

Let’s go with the latter definition today πŸ™‚

Some frame me as a blogging maniac because I have published 10,000 plus blog posts and I have self-published 126 eBooks during my blogging career. I also network quite a bit. Oh yeah; I have been circling the globe for the past decade, while I did this stuff. I am nothing special. I am no big deal. But I want to clue you in if you too would love to be a blogging maniac whose passion, love and energy is felt by a decent chunk of people.

1: Be Passionate About Blogging

I have less hours to blog today because my wife and I will meet with friends for dinner in a little bit. Having less hours to blog means I make every blogging hour count. Why? I love blogging so I make time for blogging daily, no matter what.

Humans make time for what humans love. Humans never make time for lifeless, boring or lame activities geared toward a weak end. Blog for passion, mainly. Blog for fun, mainly. Being prolific, and flat out in a gazillion spots at once requires a stable, energized vibe carried for 10,000 to 15,000 blogging-work hours. Passionate bloggers maintain that vibe. Every other blogger fizzles out and disappears.

2: Blog Mainly for the Process Not Outcomes

A seven figure earner once said he would still be blogging 15 years into his career if he never made a penny through his blog. He blogs mainly for the enjoyable process of helping people. He cares less about outcomes. Naturally, his focus on the process for 15 years made him one of the top bloggers on earth. He appears to be a fellow blogging maniac in many regards because he is like clockwork; he or his guest bloggers show up daily. Focus on the blogging process, not outcomes, to be prolific, creative and connected.

3: Feast on Opportunities to Help People

In late 2019, Mudassir gave me guest posting rights. He literally told me to treat it like it was my blog.

I have since written and published 437 guest posts on Blogging Explained.

I do not play around. I do not mess around. I feast on opportunities to be a blogging maniac because gobbling up opportunities to help people left and right increased my skills, exposure and credibility exponentially. Most bloggers are so poisoned with fear that when an awesome blogger gives them guest posting rights and tells them to treat the blog like their own, most bloggers shy away from the opportunity. Doubts, anxieties, awkwardness and general discomfort scares most bloggers into publishing one guest post a month on such a blog.

How about Maniac Blogger Ryan?

I took Mudassir seriously! I began writing and publishing 1 guest post daily for well over a year. He meant to treat it like my blog and since I publish 3-5 posts daily on Blogging From Paradise I publish at least 1 guest post daily here.

Do not be shy! Helping people helps you and also helps fellow bloggers, readers and anybody who comes across your work. Playing small is for struggling bloggers content to hide in the cyber shadows. Playing big is for bloggers prepared to be seen, to be of service and to be free. Gobbling up opportunities for service feels uncomfortable sometimes but there is no better way than to succeed and to enjoy the ride.

Ultimately guys, it’s not about running around wildly as a blogger in a desperate, greedy, frenzied dash. Being a blogging maniac means patiently, persistently and generously blogging your passion, focusing on the process and helping people freely for a long time. Big numbers means uber service for a long stretch of time.


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