How to Increase Affiliate Sales through Blogging

Affiliate marketing can be quite a prospering income stream for new bloggers.

But you need to blog effectively and intelligently to boost affiliate sales.

Gaining trust is the key to increase this sales channel through your blog.

Let’s dive right into the steps.

Gain Trust by Creating Helpful Content

Gain trust. People buy into you before people buy your affiliate product or service. Imagine someone comes across my eBook that you sell on your blog:

13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

A few things go through their mind, like:

  • who is the blogger recommending this eBook?
  • do I trust this blogger?
  • is this blogger an authority in their niche?

Prove who you are, you can be trusted and that you are an authority by creating helpful, valued content persistently, to gain credibility and to boost affiliate sales. People buy through your blog if they believe you help them, and you help them by publishing valued content on the regular, through blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Promote Products Aligned with Your Blog

Product affiliate products aligned with your blog to boost sales. Readers enjoy following a single topic blog to follow a specialist. But if the alleged specialist who covers blogging tips begins selling hemorrhoid cream as an affiliate, people begin to worry. Why? How can blogging tips experts know what hemorrhoid cream to recommend? He/she is a blogging tips expert, not a doctor!?

Confused, readers will not buy an affiliate product non-aligned with your niche because you have no credibility in that area. Stick to what you know, and sell only what you know, as far as being an affiliate. Sell stuff aligned with your niche to keep your credibility intact and to increase your affiliate sales.

Sell Early and Often

Bar none, this is one of the biggest affiliate mistakes I see folks make routinely. People sell so infrequently that affiliate sales momentum never has a chance to build into something special. I recall seeing one stat from a while ago when I stumbled across my affiliate back office; making a high volume of targeted impressions led to increasing sales. But I only made that many strong impressions by selling the stuffing out of what I had to offer.

Never be shy. Be bold. Link to affiliate offerings via all of your blog posts. Make sure you be persistent, patient and trusting and you will most definitely prosper through blogging, via your affiliate marketing channel. Never be quick to give up; quitters never make bank. Quitters never earn affiliate coins. Link to one affiliate offering via every blog post you publish to genuinely make things pop. A type of seller clarity emerges when you promote yourself as you breathe, and that only comes about if you promote the living stuffing out of yourself. So….do it!

Believe in What You Sell

Most affiliates never make a dime because they sell stuff based on profit potential, grabbing any old product they do not believe in, or, cannot vouch for. People feel your lack of clarity and stay away, refusing to buy from a spineless shill intent only on making a quick buck. Sell only what you believe in. Get clear on your affiliate offering as this niche is littered with failures who just want to sell something to make a quick buck. These folks vanish into failure but affiliates with integrity, and full clarity and belief in what they sell, make sweet coin.

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