10 Ways To Increase Your Average Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money online – with a blog or without it. Isn’t it?

I believe affiliate streams give you more advantages over blogs that only depend on ads to monetize. You don’t have to worry about ads slowing down your site, lower cost per click, or low ads quality, you don’t need to sell or manage product sales and delivery by yourself.

The only thing you only need to do is – DRIVE blog TRAFFIC & offer value!

Your core job is to find high-value and relevant products online and earn a commission or fixed payout for each product sold through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is not just a thing you can rush into and then start making money. I have seen some new affiliate marketers who got accepted into a huge affiliate marketing company yet made little to no money.

Even though you know how to optimize your post, place affiliate links or, do more SEO to get readers, yet you might not make a dime from affiliate marketing unless you know how to do it the right way.                 

I am speaking from experience; back then, when I started, all I thought was optimizing posts, placing product links could help me make more money; however, I was wrong.

Affiliate marketing works differently than you think, you need some real advice, and that is what I will give you in this article.

10 tips to Increase your affiliate Sales

#1. Offer meaningful help to your site users (for free)

This is one of the important things to do if you are looking to increase your affiliate earnings.

You must, at all times, try to solve your site visitor’s problem; your main goal is to make sure they are satisfied and happy before you offer them to buy anything from your site link.

Take your time to create worthy content that will help your blog visitors one way or the other; what I mean by worthy content will help your site visitor, so they would not mind buying from the link on your blog.

More helpful contents help create trust between you and your blog visitors, resulting in more earnings.

Providing more value to your website visitors, in the long run, will help you grow in the affiliate marketing career.

No matter what the product you are trying to sell look like, you will get sales if you help people get a solution to their heart-throbbing questions.

#2. Offer premium service for free

Let’s say you are an affiliate marketer for Bluehost web hosting; as we all know, Bluehost is a great hosting service provider, and what you cover on your website is how to start a blog on Bluehost.

Then I should create a post that gives proper information on the best website hosting service provider to use.

If I am creating a post with the help of creating a website, then I should shed more light on how to completely create a website and then help them if they find it hard to create their website by offering some help with:

  • Full blog setup
  • Basic SEO settings
  • Necessary plugin installation
  • Designing the blog with a theme
  • Giving them tutorials on how to manage a blog

You offer them step-by-step solutions on setting up the hosting plan, buying a domain name, and creating a website in easy steps.

Extend this help to your friends and family who might be interested in having a website for their personal use or business use; give them your help by referring them to hot deals and the walk-through process to make things easier and faster as possible.

#3. Make sure to convert your site visitors into buyers

Converting your site visitors into buyers is quite simple if you do it well and it is well recommended as it helps you make more sales.

When I started the affiliate marketing journey, all I thought was getting links in posts rather than converting my site visitors into potential buyers using sales funnel.

When I learned about this, I was saddened and thought of how many buyers I have lost since I started.

Don’t be like me; start now by making sure all your site visitors are converted to potential buyers, potential buyer = increase in sales, lifetime buyers= lifetime earnings.

Let’s see how you can convert your site users to buyers:

Start by creating awareness (trust)

If you want to create a successful sales, funnel you need to make sure your blog visitors are aware of the product you are selling to them.

Give your audience a clear insight into what you are trying to sell to them. Once they have a proper insight into your blog product, it will be much easier for you to sell products to them.

To get more buyers, you must try to create a blog post that creates awareness about the products you sell and how they will help your site users.

To make it more effective, create an email list to capture the audience and then give proper information and the importance of products you recommend them to use.

Connect with your blog users

Connecting with your site users is a big job; people don’t want to be treated as buyers but as a family. To get connected to your audience, work on your responsiveness to your audience, give them helpful tips, information, show them you care about them.

Connect with them through your blog by responding to comments; connecting them through social media platforms can be effective using bots to respond, give them information, and mail them with your latest recommended product and tell them how the product has helped you.

Don’t force people to buy your products

One of the main reasons bloggers fail in affiliate marketing is they force visitors to buy the products with tons of affiliate banners on their blog; as I said earlier, people hate being forced to do something.

Rather than forcing, give them reasons to buy the product, the benefits they’ll be getting from buying the product, and also how it benefited you in the first place.

#4. Limit the number of promoted products

It is important to focus on 1 to 2 products on your blog initially; being a new affiliate marketer, you still need to build up an audience; without an audience, there is no sale on the table!

You need to make things simple as possible; promoting lots of products at a time will confuse your audience, and they won’t know which to go for. With that, they will end up buying none of your products in the end.

It is highly recommended to choose 1-2 products to enable yourself to focus on achieving your true goals. Then you can educate your blog audience about the product on a larger ground.

Choose the right product

Focusing on one right product can earn you thousands of dollars. As a beginner, splitting your focus on promoting more products at a time will only use your time and energy and could result in low or null sales.

Selling just every product won’t make you earn money that’s worth your time. Be smart by choosing the one product that will work for you and your audience.

What I mean by one product is a product that is highly relevant to your blog niche. Let’s assume I have a blog that deals with gadgets; what product do you think is relevant for me to promote?

Electronic gadgets…

and you can find that with the Amazon affiliate program.

Learn more about the product you are trying to promote. If you get a chance, use it and then use screenshots to convince your audience better.

To make sure you get the sales going, make sure those products back up the contents of your blog in the right way.

#5. Make use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine traffic is very crucial; it is the only effective source you can get a real audience with the intent of finding solutions to their problem.

You need to harness the power of search engine traffic by creating more detailed content to help visitors and then backing it up with products they will find helpful.

Initially, use low competition keywords with high traffic (Pro tip: Use SEMrush keyword research tool to claim the keywords that can generate you more traffic & thus money).

Include Nofollow tag with affiliate links

Although this has nothing to do with sales increment, it will help you retain your blog’s quality.

Leaving an affiliate link to use dofollow tag will pass along page rank to the destination link. I have seen Google frown up one blog that leaves affiliate links in open ground; Google bots will crawl your blog and follow the affiliate link and pass quality.

#6. Get started with Guest posting

Getting started with guest posting is a great deal; it is one of the fastest ways to improve your blog’s SEO.

It carries along one important way that improves your blog SEO (building backlinks is so important to do).

Get on by guest blogging on other blogs relevant to your blog niche; with this, you can increase your authority in the market and thus product sales.

You will get trusted by many potential buyers; sharing your work on other blogs makes you look more like a pro in your niche.

Must read – The ultimate guide to finding guest posting opportunities

#7. Write reviews

Writing reviews are one major key to improving your product sales.

I have seen many bloggers optimizing their articles with basic keywords to get search ranking, which is not enough.

You need to extend your keyword, be known for what you do, get known in your field.

Having authority is important to increase your sales; it makes your audience trust you knowing that you are a professional in your field.

They will even recommend other people to join or follow in all that is related to that field.

Not worrying about other competitors, make your blog stand out by giving trusted reviews that your blog audience wants from you; if you do well in your field, they will return even if they leave your blog.

Establish yourself; get rated in your field, and known for your work. This will make you an expert, and other bloggers will surely recommend your content when they post any content related to your field.

Here’s an example of product review – SEOBuddy SEO checklist review

Write reviews genuinely; do not fake reviews just because you want people to buy your product, you might get away with it for the first time, but the second time you will lose your trust and credibility in the industry.

You can increase your product sales visibility when you build up an honest empire.

Testing before reviewing is advised to get your trust to stay in your blog audience’s heart; you must do true reviews.

Show total honesty in your reviews; do not think only about selling the product but think of the impact it will make when you give a proper review, and your products get bought.

Lastly, you should only recommend products you have seen in action you know about and recommend for use.

#8. Improve your blog Usability

To avoid the loss of potential sales opportunities, you need to make your site navigation and usability as good as possible.

Remove all the clutter that might come in between your blog and your audience. Speed up your site performance: speed plays a crucial role in SEO and user experience.

To create a more clutter-free blog, use a simple yet stunning theme to create a landing page and remove the distracting sidebar.

A simple landing page will showcase your blog’s product the right without affecting site usability.

All affiliate marketers I have seen make use of these keys, an easy navigation system, and high compressed blog page.

#9. Make your blog audience trust you completely

To get more sales, you need to make sure your blog audience trusts you, as we all know no one wants to do business with a stranger.

The same applies to affiliate marketing; trust is important people buy from people with a high integrity level.

To increase your sales, make sure you build a high level of trust. Showcase testimonials from real buyers who bought and experienced the impact of the products; even when discouraged people see this, they will be happy to buy and test any of your products.

Start creating testimonials for your blog if you don’t have one; this gives the first impression.

Make sure you disclose Your Affiliate links

To increase blog credibility, you need to disclose the affiliate links that go from your blog.

Have you visited a site that does affiliate marketing, and you saw a footer text showing “Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links”? If yes, then you should know that they want you to trust them.

Showing disclosure text is one way to make people know the affiliate link is present in the contents that no additional cost will happen if they buy from your link.

Highlight all affiliate links by making them stand out from other links so that your blog users will know when they are signing up with your affiliate link.

So, whenever you recommend a product to your blog audience, if they really want the product, then they’ll buy from you with trust.

#10. Increase your affiliate sales with ads (Social media)

You can increase your sales by promoting your affiliate links across social media platforms; this works well if you have targeted people across the globe.

Social media ads increase your sales with a method that works well; when you do promotion in the right way, you increase your percentage of making sales than before.

Make sure you choose a social media platform that will convert well for the kind of product you intend to use. Make use of geographical selection; choose your preferred countries to reach those who will buy the products.

For example, you can Facebook promote your product sales, targeting users in countries you think will find the product useful and buy.

Conclusion on Increasing Affiliate Conversions

Now to the rewarding part, you make sure the above steps have been completed. Then it is time for you to start making money from your blog.

To experience a huge spike in your sales, you need to be consistent, hardworking, and convincing. My advice is that you repeat the steps above whenever you want to increase your sale of any product.

These steps have worked for me countless times, and I will never want you to hasty all things related to affiliate marketing wants you to be patient and see the difference.


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