No Need to Respond

One incredibly powerful skill I learned to develop; not responding to engagements that do not help me and my readers live our dreams. At first, this felt uncomfortable. I felt guilty. Especially if friends asked me questions or made requests. I felt even worse if people messaged or emailed me once, twice or thrice, sometimes complaining about me being rude, by me not responding.

I eventually understood how individuals with low self-esteem see busy bloggers as being rude, because you believe someone busy, disrespects you. All people see the world through their own personal prism. Big time. So if anybody responds in negative fashion, to you not responding, it has 100% to do with them and nothing to do with you. Be with the energies. See the personal projection. Release it. I am busy. I only respond to folks who engage me toward my vision, for all of our benefit. Some people focus on issues that do not matter. But believe the issues DO matter. Never allow their projection to affect your vision. Simply let go the engagement. Everybody forgets and moves on.

But do not allow guilt or fear of being criticized or some idea of duty to pull you into engagements that you need to release, in order to proceed. Time is incredibly precious. Seize this truth. If ideas kick around in your mind about fear of rejection and fear of shirking duty, always weigh the fear versus your vision. What wins? Your vision, hopefully, because anything less ensures you waste time on small potatoes versus the blogging big fish, the meat of the blogging matter.

Everybody treats you how you allow them to treat you. If you drop everything to fulfill every single social media request out of a sense of loyalty and duty – masking guilt and fear of criticism – you will eventually fail because you waste time doing stuff non-essential to blogging business growth. On the flip side, if you give 100% of your attention and energy to what really matters, creating and connecting generously, and engaging only folks with the essentials in mind, success will be yours. But never believe you need to respond to all blogging requests or, to any request. Simply scan in a few seconds, and release what needs to go, to make room for critical business-building tasks.

Just because someone asks or requests something or chats, does not mean you NEED TO respond. My eBook:

How to Build a Profitable Blog from the Inside Out

Delves into the concept of being a mindful blogger who boosts your profits inside-out. Needing to responding indicates fear. Blogging from a predominant energy of fear leads to fear-filled results like struggle, and failure. Why? Your inner world needs fear-clearing, to ensure you never respond to distractions, silly gossip or some general form of negativity that pulls you off of the blogging straight and narrow. Of course, it is your choice to do the inner work, clearing fear, in order to blog from a clear, relaxed, focus, purpose-filled energy. I know you are up to the task but it gets messy sometimes. Definitely worth it, in the long run.

Note; this is never anything personal about folks reaching out to you. I love my blogging buddies. I respect anyone who reaches out to me. Both reasons, which are exactly why I give my attention and energy only to critical, vision-assisting engagements, and to nothing else. In reality, doing this by not responding to everybody who engages me simply raises the level of the blog-o-sphere, one quality engagement, at a time.

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