Blogging Mindset: Not Blogging Is As Important As Blogging

A blogging mindset is blogging.

How you think, feel and act determines how you blog.

Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions lead to results. However, few bloggers understand these basic truths because most rarely, if ever, pull back to reflect on their blogging campaign.

Before discussing the image of the 2 women chatting in Vietnam, I want to discuss why most bloggers struggle terribly to drive traffic and profits. Few bloggers understand how blogging is a mindset game. People tend to think like robots; they do something robotically to get something. Blogging is different. Life is different. Human beings are energetic creatures.

For example, today, I noted a series of events unfolding with my:

  • blog
  • laptop
  • relationships

I pieced together why specific events unfolded but only because I spent hours offline today, not blogging. Being offline gives me:

  • space
  • awareness
  • poise
  • clarity

enough to correct what isn’t working, keep doing what’s working, and see opportunities in obstacles. At the end of the day, I spotted an opportunity amid the seeming chaos to beef up, update, and SEO optimize this blog post solely because I did not blog for a long time today.


Look at the image of 2 women chatting.

I snapped the picture in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I enjoyed my trip there. Hanoi is an intense city. Do you see the woman sitting on the motorbike? 5 million motorbikes dot Hanoi. My wife and I had to cross the street 1 step at a time. I am not kidding. Trying to sprint across could cause a horrible accident or even death. Take 1 step, relax, and allow the throng of motorbikes to drive around you, moving like a large, singular presence.

Notice how the 2 women seem to be relaxing by the various little marketplaces on the narrow street. Everybody needs to relax in Hanoi sometimes. Imagine 5 million motorbikes whizzing around an intense, populous city. I often retired to the apartment to chill out after soaking up the intensity of the place. Ditto for my trips to NYC. I have likely been to New York City 500 times because my hometown in New Jersey is just 40 minutes away. But for all the glitz and glamour of the big city, one needs to rest, to remain sane, calm, and poised.

Blogging Mindset

Blogging is no different. Sometimes, NOT blogging is as important as blogging. Resting, relaxing, and flat-out pulling away from blogging helps you see things clearly. I just spent 90 minutes watching a movie on Hulu. Taking a 90-minute blogging break allowed this blog post idea to enter my mind. I only generated this idea and wrote this post in roughly 25 minutes because I felt calm, well-rested, and recharged. When relaxed, writer’s block dissolves. If you are chill, prospering ideas enter your mind. When refreshed, you have all the energy in the world to blog daily for 5 or more years.

Genuinely Difficult Times

But digging deeper, not blogging, is as important as blogging during genuinely traumatic moments in our lives because no human being can think clearly, blog intelligently, and trust deeply in themselves and in the blogging process during moments of heartache, anguish, and intense loss.

My mom has suffered from a terminal illness since 2012. She has been in hospice since 2016, not saying a word and being kept alive by her daily feedings. I needed to NOT blog for extended stretches over the past 8 years to face, feel, and release the fear, pain, and grief triggered by observing her suffering profoundly. I could never see clearly, blog effectively, and inspire you to blog with love if I clung to such fear and pain in my being. Resting helped me process the emotions consistent with observing her during difficult times.

My mother-in-law passed away in May of 2020 after a 12 month battle with an intense illness. Like my mother, she suffered exquisitely at various points. During the 12 month stretch from May of 2019 to May of 2020, my wife and I helped care for her during brutal periods, living in her home to help her in any way possible. Even though I blogged daily during this time, I spent many hours NOT blogging, meditating, praying, exercising, doing Kriya yoga and yin yoga, and sleeping for 8-10 hours each night.

Move Your Energy by Moving Away from the Laptop

I came across a specific type of yoga – Kriya yoga – in June of 2019, right after we returned home from Thailand to help my mother-in-law, that proved to be a blessing for helping me face my fears, feel emotional trauma, and proceed from a trusting space, knowing that not blogging is as important as blogging. The Kriya yogi masters, from Yogananda to Sri Yukteswar, to Lahiri Mahasaya, to Mahavatar Babaji, were influenced by Jesus Christ, which vibed with me as I was raised Catholic.

Rest and Recharge



Human beings are not robots. We are living in a human body for this lifetime. Give the body a chance to rest. Clear your mind of fear by facing, feeling, and releasing fear and pain during traumatic experiences. No blogger can blog successfully, intelligently, and persistently for a long time, being burdened by emotional and physical trauma. Take time off. Lick your mental and physical wounds.

Look at the picture in this blog post. After I fell ill for a while in Kerala, I would rest on Kovalam Beach, looking at this lighthouse, enjoying the legendary love, comfort, and warmness of both people and nature in God’s Own Country.

I loved it there! I also spent 16 hours a day in bed for a few weeks because I had to rest, recover and prepare myself mentally and physically for blogging after suffering through giardia and dehydration. Sleeping is as important as being awake. Believe me on that!

Sleep. Rest. Strengthen your mind. Pray. Meditate. Do yoga. Exercise. 

Honestly, guys, I could never circle the globe and blog as I do unless I spent many, many hours offline daily, resting, strengthening my mind, and grieving when I needed to grieve during intense experiences.

Sometimes, not blogging is as important as blogging.

Review Your Blogging Break Campaign Often

Give yourself time to change from a workaholic perfectionist to a relaxed, detached blogger who sees the utmost importance in not blogging. I did not learn this skill or make this shift overnight. In truth, my blogging mindset is a work in progress because I face ample fears trying to derail me from taking blogging breaks.

Not blogging is as important as blogging, but your ego disagrees with this statement because the ego craves control most of the time. Let your ego whine a little bit. Allow your mind to make a horse race out of the situation. Proceed to take frequent blogging breaks to underscore the fact that not blogging is as important as blogging.

Check-in on yourself often to ensure that you break from blogging routinely. Dissolve your hard work consciousness to understand that not blogging is as important as blogging.

Practical Blogging Tips for Not Blogging

  • schedule hours daily for offline activities
  • get 8 hours of sleep each night
  • consider engaging in meditating in doing yoga
  • set up apps to block you from blogging for a set period daily

Be with the uncomfortable feelings of not blogging routinely. As I update this post, I feel anxiety creep through my being because the ego wants to keep blogging deep into the night, craving a 12 AM end date. However, not blogging is as important as blogging. My body needs rest. Naturally, I observe the uncomfortable feelings begging me to blog to not blog and give myself the rest I need to see clearly.

Your Turn

Do you take frequent breaks from blogging?


Why not?

How can you place greater importance on not blogging as opposed to blogging?

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